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If you don't see a Tutor for your course,  Let us know by calling 575-562-2286 or email  


Student/Client Responsibilities Student/Client Responsibilities


When you are being tutored, you are responsible for:

Scheduling your appointments. The online scheduling system to get a tutor (for tutoring appointments),, allows students to schedule their own appointment for up to two weeks ahead of time. Students are also responsible for canceling appointments; otherwise they will be counted as "NO SHOW" on their service tickets.

Coming prepared to your session. Students should bring paper, books, notes, and other materials to the session.

Being on time for sessions. Although we encourage tutoring students to schedule appointments, students ask for walk-in services. If a student has not arrived within 10 minutes of their 30-minute session or 15 minutes for their 60-minute session, they are considered "NO SHOW" and it will be recorded.

Preparing academically. TSIs are not "homework machines." Clients must have an idea of what concepts they need assistance with or specific questions regarding a concept. The TSIs is not able, and should not, assist with the whole of an assignment.

Being active in their learning. Students must participate in their learning. Ask questions, paraphrase, prepare.

Being reasonable. Goals for their academic achievements are a great idea, but realistic goals are essential in a tutoring session. With the limited time in each session, there is a limited amount of topics/problems that can be addressed.

Being respectful. As you are respectful to a client, they must be to you. Students must show common courtesy. In the case you feel that your services are being abused or you are being disrespected; please notify the Coordinator as soon as possible.


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