SRCC Poster and Display Requirements SRCC Poster and Display Requirements


Poster and Display Presentation Requirements


  • Posters
    • A poster is a graphic representation of the student's research. Work is illustrated with graphs, photos, diagrams, and easy-to-read text. 
    • Students may use the poster template provided on this website, but are not required to.  Students are encouraged to find out from their advisor if their discipline has any standard poster design or content requirements. 
    • Posters must be 36" x 48" in size and able to be pinned to a display wall. 
    • No other materials such as handouts, samples, artifacts, props, etc. may be displayed with the poster.  
    • Students are responsible for having their posters printed ahead of time. Media Services in the ENMU Golden Library (currently temporarily located in Bernalillo Hall) will print a color 36" x 48" poster for $7.  Students can check with their advisor to see if departmental funding is available to help with printing costs.
    • To ensure enough time to print a large number of posters  in the last few days before the conference, Media Services needs to receive a poster file five business days before it's needed.  Other businesses, such as Office Max in Clovis and online vendors, can also print posters but the cost will be much higher.
    • Posters will be hung in the CUB Ballroom.
    • Students must bring their posters to the CUB Ballroom between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. on April 4 and must take them down at the end of the poster session.  The drop-off time may change, so check this website again closer to April 3.


  • Creative Work Displays
    • A creative work display is a single piece of artwork such as a painting, drawing, photograph, or sculpture.  A work with more than one component, such as a necklace and earrings set or triptych of three paintings, counts as one piece.
    • The display piece must fit through a normal room doorway.  
    • Displays will be set up in the Campus Union Building Sandia Room.
    • Dining room-type tables will be available for display.  Students must bring any other necessary display materials such as an easel or jewelry display stand.
    • All work must be dry and ready for display - framed or matted if necessary.
    • Students need to deliver their work to the Sandia Room between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m. the morning of the conference.  Students will remove their displays after the presentation session.


  • Posters and Creative Work Displays
    • Work not meeting the requirements will not be accepted or displayed.
    • Students must be present in the Campus Union (CUB) Ballroom or Sandia Room near their poster or display during the two-hour presentation session and available to answer questions and discuss their presentations with judges and other viewers.
    • Only two students may participate in the presentation.  Additional collaborators may be acknowledged in the conference proceedings.



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