Paper and Performance Requirements Paper and Performance Requirements


Paper and Performance Presentation Requirements


  • Students will present an oral summary of their research or an original performance to an audience. 
  • A performance presentation features an actual performance (musical, film, dance, etc.) with the option of some talk about it before or after.  A paper presentation is more of a talk about the work, with the option of some performed examples.
  • Ten minutes will be allowed for the presentation followed by five minutes for questions.
  • Presentations will be given in smart classrooms and other locations across campus.  Students should check the presentation schedule on this website a day or two ahead of time to find their assigned room.
  • The use of visual aids such as a PowerPoint presentation is encouraged, but not required. Each presentation room will have a computer and projector for presenter use. Students should bring their digital presentation materials, if any, on a USB flash drive.
  • Students must must provde any additional materials that may be needed for the performance such as props, costumes, musiscal accompaniment, etc.
  • Students doing a performance must include details in the descripton on the entry form, such as if the performance is live or on film and if it requires a piano.  This description will help determine which presentation group the performance is part of.
  • Only two students may participate in a paper presentation.  If necessary, more than two students may participate in support positions for a performance presentation.  Additional collaborators may be listed on the entry form and will be acknowledged in the conference proceedings.
  • Students who plan to make their presentation from a distance via Collaborate or Skype must note this on their entry submission. Students will be responsible for ensuring that their computer is set up to run the necessary software ahead of time.


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