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Can my students participate?

All currently-enrolled ENMU students can participate.  This includes students in all fields and everyone from graduate students doing thesis research to freshmen doing a class project.

What can they present?

Students can present any research or creative project they're working on.  The work doesn't have to be completed before the conference - they can present in-progress work.

What format can they present in?

Students can present a research poster or paper (they don't have to submit the actual paper).  For creative works they can present a visual art piece or a performance.

How many presentations can a student do?

A student can present one poster or display and/or one or two papers or performances.

Can students present a group project?

Student group projects are allowed but only two students may participate in the actual presentation.  They will receive certificates and have a chance to receive a cash award.  Other group members may be acknowledged as collaborators and their names will be included in the conference proceedings.  If more than two students are working together on a project, they are encouraged to present different aspects of the project in pairs.

What does a student need to submit an entry?

The student needs a presentation title and category (such as business, anthropology, or music) as well as a brief abstract or description.  They will have to list their co-presenter and collaborators, if applicable, and their research advisor or instructor on the entry form.  The entry form will be available on this website early in the spring semester.

How will I know that my student has submitted an entry?

When a student lists you as their research advisor or instructor, you'll receive an automated email with their conference entry information.  Please check this email to ensure that everything is correct.  If you don't get a confirmation email, the student either has not submitted an entry or has not listed you as their advisor or instructor.

Can I serve as a judge if my student is presenting?

Yes, you are encouraged to serve as a judge.  If you're assigned to the group your student is in, you'll simply abstain from filling out a score sheet for his or her presentation.

When is the conference?  

The conference is Wednesday, April 1.  All classes are cancelled on that day so everyone can participate.

When is the entry deadline?

The entry deadine is Friday, February 28.  No late entries will be accepted.  (The work doesn't have to be completed when a student submits their entry.)

Where can I and my student get more information?

Details about the conference are included on this website, under the tabs at the top of this page.  Updates are also shared on our Facebook page  

How can I share this information with my students?

Include a link to this website on Blackboard for each of your classes.  Mention the conference in your syllabus.   Contact Esthela Banuelos to have an SRCC representative visit your class to present information and answer questions.




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