SRCC Entry Requirements SRCC Entry Requirements


SRCC Entry Requirements


All undergraduate and graduate students enrolled for the spring 2018 semester at Eastern New Mexico University are eligible and encouraged to participate in the Student Research and Creativity Conference.  Completed and in-progress work is welcome, as is work that has been or will be presented or performed elsewhere.  Presentations will be grouped by dicipline, as much as possible, for display and judging; groups with fewer than six entries will be consolidated.  All entries that meet the requirements will be accepted.


  • All entries must be the original work of the student.  Fine arts performances may use the work of another composer or writer.
  • Students may work together as co-authors or co-creators, but work with a faculty member as co-author or co-creator is not allowed.
  • For group projects, only two students may participate as presenters.  These two students will receive certificates and will share any prize money awarded.  Additional collaborators may be listed and will be recognized in the conference proceedings, but will not participate in the presentation or receive certificates.
  • Students may do two presentations - one poster or display and one paper or performance or two papers or performances but must submit a separate entry for each presentation.
  • All entries must be approved in advance by the student's instructor or advisor.
  • Students must review the poster/display and paper/performance rules on this website for specific presentation requirements.
  • All entries must be submitted through this website by Friday, March 1, 2019.
  • No late entries will be accepted.
  • Students must submit a separate entry for each presentation.
  • Students are responsible for checking their email for a confirmation notice that their entry was successfully submitted.  No confirmation email means the entry was not received.
  • Two students working together will submit one entry with information about both of them.
  • The entry form must include information about the presenter(s) as well as the title and field of the presentation, a list of collaborators (if any), and a short abstract of the work.
  • No changes can be made to the entry information after the entry deadline.


If you have questions about submitting your entry, please contact Barbara Senn at  

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Helpful Links


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