SRC Entry Requirements SRC Entry Requirements


All students enrolled for the spring 2017 semester at Eastern New Mexico University are eligible to participate. Students entering a poster must be present during the poster session. Students entering a paper may make their presentation online via Collaborate if prior arrangements are made and approved by the conference directors.

Papers and posters must be the original work of the student(s). Two students may work together as co-authors, but work with a faculty member as co-author is not eligible. Prize money will be shared among all students in a winning group. Completed work or work in progress is welcome, as is work that has been or will be presented at another conference or meeting. All research presentations should focus on the problem, procedures, and results of the research.  Submitted posters and papers must be approved in advance by the student's advisor or instructor.

Students must complete and submit the entry form, along with an abstract of their poster or paper, through this website by March 13, 2017. No late entries will be accepted. Students may present both a paper and a poster but must submit a separate entry form for each presentation.  There is no cost to enter. All posters and papers that meet the requirements will be accepted.

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