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All conference participants are invited and encouraged to attend the Student Research Conference banquet at 6:30 p.m. in the Campus Union Building Ballroom.  There is no cost to attend the banquet, but advance reservations are required.  Each student participant may bring up to two guests.  To make a banquet reservation, contact Kathie Rolston at 575.562.2343 or kathie.rolston@enmu.edu.

Student Research Conference awards will be presented by co-chairs Dr. David Hemley and Dr. St├ęphanie Borios.  We'll also hear from the following guest speakers:

Dr. Steven Gamble - Opening Remarks

Dr. Brian Pasko and Dr. Tom Brown - Modeling Racquetball and Sex-Changing Fish

Modeling is a systematic description of an object or phenomenon that shares important characteristics with the object or phenomenon itself.  Mathematical models can take different forms and play an important part in advancing understanding in many disciplines.  We present the work that we have done modeling the sport of racquetball and the swimming behavior of sex-changing fishes using formulaic models and computer simulation.  Using these models we have been able to gain a deeper understanding of the effect of player ability on the probability of winning a racquetball match and how a fish can effect encounter rates with other fish by changing its swimming behavior.


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