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About the Student Research and Creativity Conference


Eastern New Mexico University's annual Student Research and Creativity Conference is designed to showcase the research and creative projects being done by undergraduate and graduate students in all fields across campus.  Students present their work in professional poster, display,  performance, and paper sessions and are judged and critiqued by an interdisciplinary group of faculty members.  Through this process, students can see how their work compares with that of other students, get feedback on their work and presentations, and practice their professional presentation skills.  A cash award will be given to the winner in each group.  Students, faculty, staff, and community members are invited to attend the poster and paper sessions.

Thank you to all of the students, faculty and staff members, administrators, and others who participated in the 2018 Student Research and Creativity Conference!   195 students submitted 238 entries representing 22 different academic fields.  Posters, papers, visual art displays, and performances were presented in 34 groups and 44 students received awards.

The 2019 conference will be on Wednesday, April 3.  Watch this page and our Facebook page for information about the 2019 conference!


For more information, contact


David Hemley, Ph.D.
Student Research and Creativity Conference Co-Chair


Suzanne Swift, Ph.D.
Student Research and Creativity Conference Co-Chair

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Why should students participate in this conference?


♦ Students will be able to compare their work to that of other students on campus.

♦ Students will get valuable presentation experience.  This presentation can serve as a dress rehearsal for other presentations the student will give in class, at a professional conference, or on the job.

♦ Students will get feedback on their work and their presentation.

♦ Participation makes a good entry on the student's resume or CV which will be seen by graduate schools, funding agencies, scholarship committees, and potential employers.

♦ This is a relatively small event with a friendly audience, so it's a good place to practice for students who are uncomfortable doing public presentations.

♦ Conference participation is free, unlike participation at many profesisonal conferences.

♦ Students will be invited to the free banquet the evening of the conference.

♦ Cash prizes will be awarded.

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