ENMU Section 508 Compliance ENMU Section 508 Compliance



Section 508 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Refresh

Final Rule Published: January 18, 2017

Compliance: January 18, 2018

What Does This Mean to ENMU?

Like the original 508 Standards, the updated 508 Standards (WCAG 2.0 AA) apply to a federal agency's (and those receiving federal funding) full range of public-facing content, including websites, documents and media, blog posts, and social media sites. The final rule also specifically lists the types of non-public-facing content (including intranets, emails, and any official ENMU communications) that must comply. This includes electronic content used by a federal agency for official business to communicate:

  • Emergency notifications
  • Initial or final decisions adjudicating administrative claims or proceedings
  • Internal or external program or policy announcements
  • Notices of benefits
  • Program eligibility
  • Employment opportunities or personnel actions
  • Formal acknowledgements or receipts
  • Questionnaires or surveys
  • Templates or forms
  • Educational or training materials
  • And web-based intranets



Web and Portal Accessibility

Eastern New Mexico University is committed to providing websites accessible to all people, with or without disabilities in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

The University is working to make ENMU websites compliant with the Section 508 Standards and the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, level AA. The deadline to accomplish this goal is Jan. 18, 2018.

The two areas addressed by this plan are the public website and the campus intranet.



ENMU intranet: MyENMU Portal

ENMU's intranet portal is the main source of shared information for internal campus stakeholders. The portal is also used as an extension of the main website to house information and resources that might also need to be accessed by external stakeholders.

The main index and landing pages in the portal are maintained by the Office of Communication Services; other areas of the portal are maintained by University offices, departments and organizations.

All portal pages should be section 508 compliant under the same standard as the public website.



ENMU Public Website

Siteimprove web governance tools are used to monitor the ENMU public website (www.enmu.edu) for accessibility issues. This helps pinpoint areas affected by ADA Section 508 regulations. This tool also adjusts to accommodate any changes in the law and shows areas of the site that need to be updated accordingly.



Contact Information for Accessibility Issues

If you experience any difficulty in accessing content on the website, please contact the ENMU webmaster at webmaster@enmu.edu. Be sure to include the following in your message:

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number and email address
  • The web address (URL) of the web page that you are having issues accessing
  • Describe in detail what accessibility issues you are having. If you are using assistive technology, give us details about the technology you are using and how you are using it.

ENMU will acknowledge receipt of your request within two working days, and will provide a solution within 10 working days. You will be notified if there is a delay in providing a solution.



Links to External Websites

ENMU is not responsible for the accessibility of content on external sites linked from www.enmu.edu sites. External websites are third-party websites not hosted on ENMU servers, nor hosted on servers funded by ENMU.



ENMU.edu Website WCAG 2.0 (level AA) Compliance Timeline

Nov. 2017 – Compliance Plan reviewed and updated

Dates below are subject to change.

April 2017 to December 2017

The main website, www.enmu.edu, maintained by the Office of Communication Services should be made Section 508 and WCAG2.0 compliant. In progress.

Web team members take Siteimprove accessibility training (technical, non-technical, web governance). Completed.

All web content editors should be familiar with the Web Accessibility at ENMU guidelines and continue working to make their department specific content accessible to all users. Completed.

Update www.enmu.edu and my.enmu.edu site contact information for accessibility compliance:

  • Add the following statement to the Site Info page which is accessible from the footer of every page in the enmu.edu site.
  • Add the following statement to the portal in a section accessible from the footer of all pages.


ENMU follows Section 508 Standards and WCAG 2.0 for web accessibility. If you require the content on any page in this site in another format, please contact the ENMU Webmaster at webmaster@enmu.edu.

Communicate to portal community owners

Communication Services will send communication to community owners notifying them of their responsibilities regarding ADA compliance for their portal community content.

Update my.enmu.edu content information for accessibility compliance:

  • Information Technology Services (ITS) will create guidelines and provide information for portal community owners regarding ADA compliance regulations.
  • ITS should create and disseminate documentation/guidelines outlining support/training for portal community owners to assist with ADA compliance requirements.
  • The ITS Technical Trainer will be available for training appointments with community owners
  • Portal community owners will need to schedule an appointment with the portal technical trainer so the owner can be trained to get their community up-to-date with ADA standards
  • Communication Services will create a plan/schedule to communicate regularly with portal community owners.
  • Communication Services will create a plan/schedule to check portal community content for ADA compliance issues.
  • If by the end of the spring semester 2018, any portal community content not updated with ADA standards will be unavailable to all users except the owner and administrators until the content is updated to ADA standards.


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