Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes

myCampus Project weekly session, 5/24

Completed Tasks:


1.      myCampus VM instance setup

2.      myCampus Discovery document review session

3.      myCampus VPN setup and testing session

4.      myCampus Upgrade to latest version of myCampus (V7 GA)

5.      myCampus Portal Admin Access

6.      myCampus SSO Integration:

a.       SSO to Blackboard – Configured as Non Common Sign On – Tested and confirmed working  by ENMUP

b.      SSO to Exchange – Configured as Common Sign On - Tested and confirmed working  by ENMUP

c.       SSO to Live@EDU - Configured as Common Sign On - Tested and confirmed working by ENMUP

d.      SSO to EZ Proxy – Configured as Common Sign On  using JDBC connection using ceaibanner account with Banner DB – Pending on testing from ENMUP team

7.       myCampus Global sign out configuration - Completed

8.      myCampus LDAP Integration

a.       Completed for AD Domain Controller – Confirmed working by ENMUP team

b.      Completed for SD Domain Controller – Confirmed working by ENMUP team

9.       CampusEAI to white list the following groups in portal for import from portal phase I launch perspective: Completed

10.  myCampus Hostname/SSL Cert Deployment –

11.  myCampus Standard Design –  Completed

12.  myCampus Project Weekly Session – Scheduled for every Thursday 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM EST

13.  myCampus portal self paced portal admin training – Link shared with ENMUP team

14.   myCampus Google Analytics Setup

15.   myCampus Portal Admin training - Completed

16.   myCampus QL Training – Completed

17.   myCampus myMessages Training – Completed

18.   myCampus Instructor led content building training Completed

19.   Design Edits:

a.       CampusEAI will add a script for image rotation on CAS login page and enable it for 3 images for now.

b.      CampusEAI will enable the image gallery in the file system, so as and when you upload the image in the image gallery it will get reflected in the CAS page

c.       CampusEAI will enable logo settings in the portal so you can override the existing logo from the portal UI itself

d.      CampusEAI will enable the CSS settings in file system so that you can write your own custom.css and make those work run time on the portal from UI.

20.   CampusEAI to setup Design discussion session for 5/18 - Completed


Pending tasks:


1.      myCampus SSO Integrations : In Progress

a.       SSO to Banner INB/SSB – CampusEAI to send a 40 hr SOW to ENMUP team for troubleshooting Banner INB/SSB SSO configuration

2.       myCampus Feedback Email Setup – Not started

3.       myCampus Mobile Setup – Not Started

4.       myCampus Portal Content built up – In progress at ENMUP

5.       CampusEAI to continue working on the CAS IS UNAVAILABLE issue

6.       CampusEAI to update the questions posted by Minh in the portal

7.       CampusEAI (RM) team to send Mobile 2.0 SOW to ENMUP team


Pre Production\Launch Tasks:


1.      myCampus QA/UAT Test – Not Started

2.      myCampus Load Test – Not Started

3.      myCampus Portal Review Session – Not Started

4.      myCampus Beta Launch Sign-off - Not Started


Launch target:

Ø  Portal launch dead line is mid June 2012

Staging Enabled