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Virtual Commencement Ceremony May 30, 2020 at 10 a.m.

We will be celebrating our class of 2020 graduates with a virtual Commencement Ceremony on May 30, 2020, at 10 a.m.

The singing of the national anthem and alma mater, and remarks from the student body president, student regent, interim president, vice president for Academic Affairs and academic deans will highlight the virtual event. The ceremony will be pre-recorded and broadcast statewide at 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 30, on KENW 3-1 and 3-2, and will be available as a live webcast (you'll be able to find the link to stream the ceremony on this page and on the home page of our site).

We have also invited all spring 2020 graduates to walk in the Fall 2020 Commencement Ceremony in December if they wish to participate in a more traditional Commencement Ceremony.

Attention Graduates!

If you have not yet submitted your photo for the Commencement Ceremony slideshow, please check your ENMU email to get instructions.

For More Information

Registrar and Records
ENMU Station 5
1500 S Ave K
Portales, NM 88130
Office Location: Administration Building (ADM), Room 105
Phone: 575.562.2175

Commencement Day Prep Video Commencement Day Prep Video


Commencement Instructions Commencement Instructions


Commencement Information
Date: May 9, 2020

10:00 AM: Colleges of Business, Education & Technology, & Fine Arts

3:00 PM: College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Location: Greyhound Arena

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. or 575.562.2175

Live Stream
We are proud to bring you coverage of the Spring Commencement Ceremonies. Live coverage of the ceremonies allow our students to share this important event with loved ones who normally would not be able to attend.

The doors to the Arena will open for seating at 9:00 a.m for the morning ceremony and 2:00 PM for the afternoon ceremony. Family and friends may enter through the main entrances, where they will receive directions to the seating area. No tickets are required; there is plenty of seating for everyone. Please note there is no reserved seating or holding seats for other guests.

During the ceremony, only official University and media photographers will be allowed access to the stage and the graduates' seating area for taking photographs. Family and friends must not enter the floor area to take personal pictures.

After the ceremony, guest access to the lower level of Greyhound Arena will be restricted for 5 full minutes to reduce congestion in the stairwells and hallways. After the 5 minute period, guests will be able to access the lower and upper levels freely via the stairwells or elevator.

Graduates with Disabilities
Graduates with disabilities should contact or 575.562.2175 as soon as possible.

Wearing Your Academic Regalia
Academic regalia is required in order to participate in the commencement ceremony. Regalia can be purchased at the Bookstore. Commencement is a special occasion that has procedures that emphasize dignity and formality. The following shall be observed:

Caps - The cap should be worn square on the top of the head, with the front point about the middle of the forehead.

Tassel on Cap

  • Associate degree candidates will wear the tassel on the right throughout the exercises.
  • Master's degree candidates will wear the tassel on the left throughout the exercises.
  • All other candidates will be asked to stand in order to move the tassel from right to left, once all diploma covers are handed out.

Honor cords and pins -University honor cords and pins will be given out at the Honors Convocation; eligible students will receive an invitation. Bachelor's candidates will receive honor cords for cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude.

Hood – Master's degree candidates should carry their hoods draped across their left arm through the processional and stage, where they will be hooded.


Students will assemble in the Green (north) Gym on the lower level of Greyhound Arena (GA) at 9:15 am. Please check in at the Graduate Check-in table in the Max Pac weight room to receive your name card. A staff member will assist you in lining up. A map is attached for your reference.

Faculty and candidates will proceed to their seats as directed by the marshals. Following the presentation of colors, national anthem, and alma mater, Dr. Elwell will step to the microphone and request a moment of silence. It is appropriate for men to remove their caps during the national anthem and the moment of silence, then replace them when Dr. Elwell invites the assemblage to be seated.

Conferring Degrees
Following remarks, Dr. Elwell will introduce the vice president for Academic Affairs, who will introduce the deans of each college. The deans will then present degree candidates for their college.

The deans will instruct students in their college to stand. Once all students from one college are standing, the president will confer the degrees and the students will be instructed to sit. We will move through all colleges and degrees in this manner.

Presentation of Diplomas
Dr. Elwell will then call for students to come to the stage to receive diplomas. The entire first row will stand together, as directed by the marshal on the extreme right hand side of the row. As soon as there is room for the next row to move out into the aisle at the extreme right, the marshal will have the row stand and follow the previous row to the stage.

  • Master's degrees – If you are receiving a master's degree, you will be hooded on stage. As you approach the stage, you should have your hood draped over your left arm and you will be joined by the faculty member who will be involved in your hooding. A volunteer will take your name card. When your name is announced, move to the Board of Regents member who will hand you your diploma cover. Then step to the dean, where your hood will be placed on you while you face the audience. When you leave the stage, walk directly back to your row where you should sit down as soon as you reach your seat.
  • Undergraduate degrees – If you are receiving an undergraduate degree, give your name card to the volunteer on your approach to the stage. When your name is announced, move to the Board of Regents member who will hand you your diploma cover. When you leave the stage, walk directly back to your row where you should sit down as soon as you reach your seat.

* This year we will have a team of photographers to take three different photos of you as you walk across the stage. The first photo will be a close-up taken at the bottom of the ramp. The second photo will be your handshake with the stage party member. The third photo will be taken in front of a backdrop after you step off the ramp. The photographers will be taking these photos very quickly, so please be aware.

* If you prefer not to shake hands with the members on the stage, hold the diploma cover with both hands as you walk across the stage.

* Diplomas will not be included in the diploma cover at the time of graduation. They will be mailed to you in about six weeks after the grades have been reported to the Office of the Registrar.

Following closing remarks by Dr. Elwell, all will stand. The recessional is in the order of the processional. Administration, faculty and then students will exit the arena area. There will be a reception in the Silver (south) Gym for graduates and their families following commencement.

After the ceremony, students and faculty members who are not planning to attend the reception may exit the Arena through the large doors on the east end of the corridors. Immediate entry to the upper level will be available at the top of the ramps. Use of the stairwells or elevator just outside the Arena will be restricted for 5 full minutes to reduce congestion in the stairwells and hallways. After the 5 minute period, guests, faculty, and students will be able to access the lower and upper levels freely via the stairwells or elevator.

Commencement is a significant experience for most graduates, as well as their family and friends, so misconduct at this function cannot be tolerated. Eastern New Mexico University is a state institution and the possession or use of alcohol or a controlled substance is prohibited on University premises. If you are found with alcohol, or a controlled substance, or if you are acting in an intoxicated or disorderly manner, you will be escorted from the building and not allowed to return. Please help us make this a cherished and memorable event.

Other Important Information

Graduation Announcements – can be ordered online at Balfour

Graduation Photos - Photography will be provided by GradImages. Proofs will be sent to the email address and mobile number provided on your graduation application within one week after the ceremony.

Diploma Frame – can be ordered online at Framing Success

Alumni Activities – We hope you will continue your relationship with ENMU by becoming active alumni. Please keep us informed of your mailing address changes or life updates:
Alumni Affairs
ENMU Station 48
1500 S Ave K
Portales, NM
Phone: 575.562.2125

Release of Diplomas and Transcripts – Diplomas and transcripts will not be mailed for any student that has a financial obligation to the University. Contact the Office of Student Accounts for questions, 575.562.2615. Diplomas will be mailed 4-6 weeks after commencement. If you need to change your diploma mailing address, please email a request to Please note that a Change of Address request form does not automatically update your diploma mailing address, unless you explicitly state this within the request.

Transcripts – Online transcript requests can be made from the portal, (the transcripts links are in the "Student Records" menu). If you need assistance, contact the Office of the Registrar, 575.562.2175.


Greyhound Arena Floor Layout

Greyhound Arena Upper Level Accessibility

Greyhound Arena Lower Level Accessibility


ENMU Graduation Quick Links ENMU Graduation Quick Links




Frequently Asked Questions about Commencement & Graduation:

How will I hear about commencement and graduation requirements after I apply?

All commencement and graduation-related correspondence will be relayed to your ENMU email address. Keep an eye on your inbox after you apply and in the weeks leading up to commencement. If you aren't receiving content and you believe you should, contact the Office of the Registrar at 575.562.2175 or to make sure everything is in order with graduation application.

Where do I get my cap and gown?

Academic regalia can be purchased at the University Bookstore on campus. Please call 575.562.2715 for any questions you may have.

Can I decorate my cap?


Is there a commencement rehearsal for students?


What do I do if I can't attend commencement?

Please contact the Office of the Registrar at so that adjustments can be made to the seating arrangement.

What do I do if I want to participate in commencement, but I didn't indicate that on my graduation application?

Please contact the Office of the Registrar at as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made for your attendance.

To whom do I RSVP for the Honors Convocation?

Please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 575.562.2221 to RSVP for the (invitation only) Honors Convocation.

Can graduate students receive Honors?

No, Bachelor candidates are the only graduates eligible for Honors.

Are tickets required for guest attendance at commencement?


Does Greyhound Arena have handicap accessible seating?


Do I have to pay for my graduation photos?

If you'd like a copy of your graduation photos (provided from GradImages), payment will be required. GradImages will contact you shortly after the commencement ceremony with proofs.

If I change my address, will my diploma mailing address be automatically updated?

No, if you need to update your address and your diploma mailing address, email a request to the Office of the Registrar at

If I took classes elsewhere during my final semesters, how long do I have to send those transcripts to ENMU?

Transcripts from other schools should be sent as soon as grades have been posted at the other institution. All transcripts need to be received within the 2 weeks (13 business days) after grades have been posted at ENMU.

How long will it take to know if I received my degree?

The Office of the Registrar has 13 business days after the semester's grades have posted to conduct a final audit of the graduation applicant's requirements.

When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas will be available 4-6 weeks after commencement. The Office of the Registrar has 13 business days after the semester's grades have posted to conduct a final audit of the graduation applicant's requirements. Associate degrees may be picked up from the Office of the Registrar. Bachelor and Master degrees will be mailed to the address provided on your graduation application. Make sure to notify the Office of the Registrar of any diploma mailing address changes via email (

Future Dates Future Dates


Future Commencement Dates:

Spring 2020: May 9, 2020

Fall 2020: December 12, 2020

Spring 2021: May 15, 2021

Fall 2021: December 11, 2021

Spring 2022: May 14, 2022

Fall 2022: December 10, 2022

Spring 2023: May 13, 2023

Fall 2023: December 16, 2023

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