Standard 6 Standard 6



6.1 The systematic evaluation plan for evaluation of the nursing education unit emphasizes the ongoing assessment and evaluation of each area of the following.

The systematic evaluation plan (SEP) contains specific, measurable expected levels of achievement; frequency of assessment; appropriate assessment methods; and a minimum of three years data for each component within the plan. (From time candidacy was achieved for initial accreditation)

  • SSR: SEP pp. 159-195

6.2 Evaluation findings are aggregated and trended by program option, location, and date of completion and are sufficient to inform program decision making for the maintenance and improvement of the student learning outcomes and the program outcomes.


  • SSR: Table 6.1 p. 183
  • Rubrics (standard 6 shelf)
  • Meeting minutes (USB)
  • Assessment Plan Schedule ( standard 6 shelf)
  • SSR: Table 6.4.2a p. 199
  • SSR: Table 6.4.2b pp. 199-200
  • SSR: Tables 6.4.3.a,b pp. 201-205
  • SSR: Table 6.4.4 p. 206
  • Graduate surveys (standard 6 shelf)
  • Employer surveys (standard 6 shelf)
  • Meeting minutes (USB)
  • Curriculum Review Minutes November 18 & 19, 2015 ( SSR Appendix C, standard 4 shelf, USB)
  • Student records ( evaluation of preceptor, faculty, sites, self-evaluation of NLN competency achievement)

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