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Shop here for all information pertaining to every nursing course.  You can take a look at the course rotation schedule below to track when and how often each course will be offered. Use this information to plan your registration ahead of time! If you ever have questions about which course to take, contact your advisor! If you are ever unsure about who you advisor is, contact the nursing administrative assistant. Grab a copy of the abbreviate nursing syllabi for your reference. The graduate and undergraduate catalogs (found here)  are updated every two years. The catalogs provide even more detail about every ENMU course, as well as additional academic procedures and policies.

Nursing Abbreviated Syllabi

BSN Courses MSN Courses
NURS 312 NURS 502
NURS 315 NURS 506
NURS 317 NURS 508
NURS 319 NURS 510
NURS 329 NURS 512
NURS 360 NURS 514
NURS 413 NURS 516
NURS 415 NURS 517
NURS 415C NURS 540
NURS 416 NURS 544
NURS 417  
NURS 425C  



MSN Courses

Master Core (12 credit hours)

NURS 502 Research Methods in Nursing (3)

NURS 506 Ethical and Legal Views of the Changing Health Care System (3)

NURS 508 The Nurse Leader: New Perspectives on the Profession (3)

NURS 510 Nursing Concepts and Theories (3)

Education Emphasis (24 credit hours)

NURS 512 Teaching Strategies for Nurse Educators (3)

NURS 514 Curriculum Development (3)

NURS 516 Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships of the Nurse Educator (3)

NURS 517 Integrated Concepts of Disease Management (3)

NURS 540 Research Applications in Nursing (3)

NURS 544 Clinical Capstone (3)

EDF 503 Educational Psychology (3)

EDF 538 Instructional Design (3)

BSN Courses

NURS 312 Global Health Care (3)

NURS 315 Foundations of Professional Nursing (3)

NURS 317 Economics and Nursing (3)

NURS 319 Nursing Management of Pain (3)

NURS 329 Integrative Care Concepts (3)

NURS 360 Health Assessment (3)

NURS 413 Nursing Theory (3)

NURS 415C Community Health Nursing / Practicum (4)

NURS 416 Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice (3)

NURS 417 Cultural Competencies for Nurses (3)

NURS 425C Nursing Leadership / Practicum (4)

Required courses in other areas (4 Hours)

MATH 1350 Introduction to Statistics Methods I (4)

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