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Want Free Money? Apply for Scholarships!


The ENMU Nursing Program provides great annual scholarship funding for our students including $80,000 for MSN students and over $38,000 for BSN students. The ENMU Nursing Scholarship application is processed each semester. The specific deadline date will be emailed to your ENMU email every semester. Please reach out to the Nursing Program Administrative Assistant, Lenay Tyler, at 575.562.2403 for more information.

Do not hesitate to apply for ENMU Foundation Scholarships for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences! Many of these scholarships go without being awarded each year, so be sure to apply! There are several scholarship opportunities that are specific to Nursing majors, like you, as well as other scholarships that are specific to health care majors. Make sure to review all scholarships, and apply for any that pertain to you! Call the ENMU Foundation program at 575.562.2412 if you have any questions. Visit for more information.

Scholarships - BHS School Counseling


Nursing Program Scholarships

This scholarship is non-recurring and must be applied for each semester. You will receive scholarship applications to your ENMU email before every semester. You can also contact the nursing administrative assistant for a copy of the application. 

The requirements for application include the following:

  1. Only MSN scholarship applicants must currently be a New Mexico resident. BSN applicants may reside in any state.
  2. BSN students must not receive full funding/reimbursement from your employer to be eligible. Partial tuition reimbursement is acceptable.
  3. ENMU GPA must be a 3.0 or higher.
  4. You must be registered in ENMU nursing (NURS) coursework by the date of your application.

If you fit the above criteria, please complete and return the application by the specified due date to be considered. Email completed scholarship applications to by the deadlines to be consideredNo applications will be accepted after that date.

Scholarship Running Totals (2020-21)

SemesterBSN StudentsBSN AwardMSN StudentsMSN Award
Summer 202013 applicants$9,621.0013 applicants$34,831.44
Fall 202023 applicants$15,320.0020 applicants$28,000.00
Spring 202121 applicants$18,150.0017 applicants$26,144.00



ENMU Foundation Scholarships

The ENMU Foundation's new online scholarship application platform is now live.


  1. You must be admitted to ENMU before you can apply for ENMU Foundations Scholarships
  2. Log onto your ENMU Portal and select "Apply for Foundation Scholarships" from the Financial Resources section on the left LaunchPad menu.

We recommend that students review the full list of ENMU Foundation Scholarships to see which scholarships you are eligible for, and then make sure their online application matches them correctly.

  Full List of ENMU Foundation Scholarships  

Foundation Scholarship our Nursing Students Received


Foundation Scholarships Amount Awarded
Dabbs Merit Endowed Scholarship $1,780.00
Sharon Farris-Stern Scholarship $2,500.00
Medical Manpower Endowment $630.00
Mason Ridenour Nursing Endowment $400.00


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