MSN Program Achievement Data MSN Program Achievement Data

  • Registered Nurse (RN licensure) and Certification:
    • Students in the MSN completion program are required to hold an RN degree upon admission to the program.  No additional licensure or certification is required.


  • Students Completing the Program: 
    • 100% of graduates complete the MSN within 2 years
      • Average completion rate is 2 years  
      • Part-time enrollment: 100% (6 hours/semester including summer)


  • Employment :   
    • 100% of the students enrolled in the MSN Completion Program are employed full-time as RNs while in the program.*
    • Upon completion of the MSN program:
      • 100% are employed, with 86% of graduates reporting improved change in professional status or role.
      • 100% state that the MSN degree obtained at ENMU adequately prepared them for the role of novice nurse educator.
      • 71.4% are in a leadership role.
      • 42.9% are employed in a nurse educator role.

[*Data are from graduate survey, fall 2016.]

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