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MSN Program Philosophy

The MSN Completion program at Eastern New Mexico University is based on the belief that nursing is an artistic science, a human profession built on the foundations of caring and knowledge. Our philosophy of nursing emphasizes the life-long evolutionary process of the nurse, one which promotes the development of a student's knowledge, skills and personal values. We are dedicated to cultivating a sense of professional empowerment, a desire for perpetual learning and a passion for social justice in our students. An innovative curriculum using twenty-first century technology based on the changing healthcare needs of society and the healthcare delivery system is integral to our commitment to learning and development. Our philosophy also expresses our dedication to the values inherent in the mission and philosophy of Eastern New Mexico University, of which nursing is an integral part.

Central to the nursing program's philosophy are the professional concepts which form the core of the humanistic, intellectual and ethical values associated with a baccalaureate education. Caring is the central concept of the practice of professional nursing: empathy, connection, and the ability to translate these characteristics into compassionate, sensitive and appropriate care. The ENMU BSN Completion program defines the four domains of nursing (Person, Health, Environment, and Nursing) as:

  • Person—An individual human being of intrinsic worth, who is part of a family, a community, and the world and who becomes the focus of nursing whenever a potential or actual healthcare need exists.
  • Health—Unity of the whole person-mind, body, and spirit: a harmony that includes physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and moral realms.
  • Environment—The totality of an environment (physical, geographical and socio-cultural), situation, or event with related experiences that give interpretive meanings to guide human expressions and decisions.
  • Nursing—As an art and a science, nursing molds the attitude, intellectual competencies and technical skills of the nurse into the desire and ability to help people cope with their healthcare needs, whether they are ill or well. We consider the unique function of the nurse to be knowledgeable caring; using the scientific approach to improve nursing practice, thereby contribution to the health and independence of people through their lifespan.

As nursing program faculty, we hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our educational program and for promoting safe, effective, holistic, culturally sensitive nursing practice. We are responsible for doing this through our teaching, service, and scholarship and by collaborating with healthcare professionals and consumers of healthcare. As a constituent of Eastern New Mexico University, the nursing program shares the university's emphasis of liberal learning, freedom of inquiry, and cultural diversity for (or in) the nursing program.    

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