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By logging into the MyENMU Portal, you are agreeing to the ENMU Computer Use Policy

MyENMU Portal pages served by the University's Web services are accessible by Internet users around the world and as such are subject to all local, state, federal and international law as well as University policies. It is important that the obligations of both the User and the University be clearly understood.
  • MyENMU Portal users, including students, faculty and staff are expected to act with integrity, demonstrate responsible personal behavior, and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. This expectation also applies to engagement in online communities included within the ENMU Portal.
  • Unacceptable social behavior will not be tolerated. Anyone who engages in any activity which is inconsistent with the ENMU's philosophy or expectations of behavior, or adversely reflects upon the good name and reputation of ENMU will be held accountable. Refer to the ENMU Computer Use Policy for more information.
  • Users must understand the University's computer resources (including the personal pages and network) can be publicly viewed, and that these resources are provided to the User as a privilege.
  • All User content is considered the sole responsibility of the User.
  • User content can be public and the User agrees by posting content he or she is making it available to the public.
  • The University shall provide MyENMU Portal communities to a User pursuant to the policies and procedures of the University and the terms and conditions of the Portal Communities Agreement (available to faculty and staff on the Forms area of the MyENMU Portal). If the User is a University approved and recognized organization, then the organization shall designate an individual sponsor to be responsible for content on the MyENMU Portal community; and the individual sponsor shall acknowledge the terms by submitting the Community Request Form.
  • The University may, due to resource limitations, restrict the amount of space provided in MyENMU Portal communities.
  • MyENMU Portal communities created for student organizations will be removed no later than one semester after the organization disbands.
  • Violation by the User of the terms and conditions of these Terms of Use may result in the imposition of sanctions. Sanctions include those stated in paragraph 18 of the University Computer Use Policies and Procedures, including locking accounts, deletion of content and revocation of privileges.


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