Zuni Olla Maidens Zuni Olla Maidens






















Date: Monday Nov. 4th

Time: 7pm

Location: CUB Ballroom

Description: Zuni Olla Maidens are one of the most renowned dance groups in New Mexico. The members, all women, dance with fragile water jars, or ollas, balanced on the top of their heads. These women play an important role in Zuni, acting as cultural ambassadors for the community portraying and preserving cultural traditions for future generations.

Dressed in traditional costumes—colorful dresses and turquoise jewelry that Zuni jewelers are known for—the Zuni Olla Maidens sing songs of their own composition in the Zuni language, as well as, those written by male community members. In addition, they utilize hand held instruments including drums, rattles, and another wooden instrument that mimics the sound of frogs.

A look back.... A look back....


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