Poland: The Country That Refused to Die Poland: The Country That Refused to Die

















Title: Poland: The Country That Refused to Die

Date: October 21st

Time: 2PM

Location: Sandia Room

Description: Fr. Michael Niemczak, son of Polish immigrants, will explore the culture, history, and customs of Poland - a country that has been invaded, occupied, and even wiped off the map, but preserved its identity and came back even stronger!


The Way of Zen The Way of Zen






















Title:  The Way of Zen: A Discussion of Zen Philosophy and Practice in the Modern World

Date: October 26th 2021

Time: 2 Pm

Location: Zoom

Description: Together, we'll embark on a discussion of the historical roots of Zen Buddhism and its basic tenets, wandering between the overlapping views that Zen is a philosophy and that it's a lived, spiritual tradition.  Both the secular and religious perspective inform one another and help us uncover how Zen might uniquely inform our lives and the activity of relieving suffering in the world today.  

Contact: International Affairs Enmu.internationalaffairs@enmu.edu or Office: (575) 562-4915

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