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Multicultural Affairs Departmental Events:

Hot Cocoa and Cookies Social!! Jan 25th at 7pm in the CUB Sandia Room. Welcome students, faculty and staff back to school. Come meet the departments of African-American, Hispanic, International, and Native-American Affairs. This is a wonderful opportunity to make friends of different ethnicities and  from around the world while enjoying warm hot cocoa and a delicious variety of cookies. Enjoy music, receive giveaways and check the upcoming events. If you missed it, check out the pictures below!

Who Am I? The Role of Identity Workshop. April 2nd at 7pm in the CUB Sandia Room. Attendees will experience an illuminating approach to communicating with each other about multiple aspects of identity, while being listened to with compassion and respect. Not only will attendees learn about each other's diverse backgrounds and experiences, they will also have the opportunity to build relationships based on universal feelings and their common humanity. This workshop represents the foundation for the National Student Leadership Diversity Conference we attended February 9th – 10th in New Orleans, LA. It will primarily focus on the many identities that we all may, or may not have in common. Social time to follow with refreshments!

Graduates Honoring Banquet. April 20th at 6pm in the CUB Ballroom. This Banquet is to honor the May Graduates of Multicultural Affairs. African, Hispanic, International, and Native-American students who RSVP will be able to recieve a sash or stole that they will wear at commencement in May. All atteendees must RSVP for this event, NO EXCEPTIONS. For more information pertaining to this event, feel free to  go to the Graduates Honoring Banquet Page, or contact the Multicultural Affairs Coordinator at 

African American Affairs:

Black History Month takes place throughout the month of February. Every year, the office of African American Affairs hosts a variety of events in celebration of this time, educating students on the History of African-Americans as well as the lasting impacts they have made on our culture and society. For more information on the specific events being held, feel free to visit the African American Affairs Black History Month page.

Black Excellence Competition is a new tradition the office of African American Affairs has begun, and serves as the Grand Finale to Black History Month. This competition is an opportunity for students of African descent to come represent their culture and heritage. Judges will score contestants on three categories: Introduction, Talent, and Public Speaking. Only one student will be crowned Black Excellence, and will hold their title for a complete year, as well as recieve a small scholarship.

Hispanic Affairs:

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15th through October 15th. Every year, the office of Hispanic Affairs selects a theme, and hosts a variety of events that celebrate Hispanic heritage, culture, and traditions. For more information on Hispanic Heritage Month, and the events being held, feel free to visit the Hispanic Affairs Hispanic Heritage Month Page.

Rey y Reina Competition is hosted by the office of Hispanic Affairs during Hispanic Heritage month. Participants must be of Hispanic Heritage to compete. This competiton provides students the opportunity to showcase the unique aspects of their cultures as they represent their families and countries.

International Affairs:

Women's History Month is nationally recognized during the month of March. This month is a time to celebrate women and all of their accomplishments and historical influences. Every year, Multicultural Affairs selects a different office to be in charge of selecting a theme and organizing the month, for 2018, the Office of International Affairs is in charge of Women's History Month. For more information on Women's History Month, and the events being held, feel free to visit the International Affairs Women's History Month page.

International Club:

Pizza Social! Feb 2nd at 3:30pm in the CUB Aztec Room! Pepperoni, Sausage, or Just Plain Cheese. As long as you come to the party you can choose any toppings you please! Let's get together for a slice or two! An afternoon of food, fun, and games just won't be the same with you! You're invited to the International club's pizza social this Friday! Free for everyone, come meet the international club officers, International Affairs staff, and fellow international students while enjoying pizza and games.

Hot Dogs, Fries, and Holidays! Feb 9th at 3:30pm in the CUB Aztec Room! Have you ever wondered about some of the American Holidays? Where did they come from? How did they get their names? Have you ever wondered what Holidays are celebrated around the world? Come join International Affairs and Club, as they explore various American holidays and the stories behind them! Presented by Diana Cordova, Multicultural Affairs Director.

Native-American Affairs:

Native Heritage Month is nationally recognized as the month of November. Every year, the office of Native-American Affairs selects a theme, and hosts a variety of events in celebration of the history of Native-American tribes, educating students on their unique cultures and traditions. For more information on Native American Heritage Month, and the events being held, feel free to visit the Native-American Affairs Native-American Heritage Month page.

Miss Native ENMU pageant is hosted by the office of Native-American Affairs during Native-American Heritage Month in November. Students must be single, have no dependents and hold a Certificate of Indian Blood (C.I.B) to be eligible to compete. Miss Native ENMU will hold her title for an entire academic year (November to November), as well as receive a small scholarship.

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