Graduates Honoring Banquet Graduates Honoring Banquet


This is truly a Multicultural Banquet. All four of our departments that include the African-American, International, Native and Hispanic have all contributed to making this night happen. 

This year's explosive and festive entertainment is performed by the New Mexico Taiko Drumers. There is no mistaking when New Mexico Taiko begins to play, the resonant tones of the drums working together can quickly fill any performance space and command the immediate attention of anyone in the vicinity. Now, experience the rich cultural heritage of Japanese drumming.

As students, our college life may be long and stressful, and our graduations are something we look forward to, getting to share these short beautiful moments with family and loved ones. The theme for this year's banquet is "Hanami" the Japanese tradition of Cherry Blossom viewing. All year, people around the world look forward to visitng Japan and viewing the Cherry Blossoms in bloom to welcome Spring. Yet, just like our graduation, the beauty of the Blossom is short lived, as they bloom for about a week, before falling from the trees and preparing for the next steps. Today, we watch our graduates come into full bloom and prepare to welcome the next chapter of their lives.


2019 Taiko Performance 2019 Taiko Performance


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