Media Services Media Services


Contact Media Services to schedule videos, TV/VCR units, and other audio-visual equipment for classroom use. Students and faculty may check out media materials and equipment with a current ENMU ID card. Media Services provides campus equipment delivery Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Evening and weekend deliveries must be pre-arranged during regular working hours. For information or delivery services, contact Richard Baysinger or call 575.562.2602, or Sherrye Burleson at 575.562.2776. To schedule graphic arts projects please contact Media Services at

Services include:

  • laptops and digital and video cameras
  • graphic arts production
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Audiobooks
  • Cleaning of CDs and DVDs
  • USB drive duplication


Media Services Price List Media Services Price List



Posters and Signs

     Full-Color Posters/Banners up to 38" wide                                    $1.75/ft

     Full-Color Posters/Banners on glossy paper up to 38"wide           $2.15/ft

     Super Poster – 24"x36" Printing                                                     $3.50/ea

     Super Poster Laminating                                                                 $3.50/ea

     8.5 x 11 Color Prints                                                                       $0.50/pg

     Variquest stickers (Bumper/Award)                                                $0.25/in

     Plaques                                                                                            $4.00/ea

     Poster boards (for projects/spray mounting)                                   $0.55/ea



     Large Format (length rounded up to nearest foot)                          $1.75/ft

     8 ½"x11" laminating pouch                                                             $0.60/ea

     ID Pouches                                                                                      $0.25/ea


Spiral Binding Materials

     Covers/backs                                                                                   $0.30/ea

     Comb ¼" binding                                                                            $0.10/ea

     Comb 3/8" or 5/16" binding                                                            $0.15/ea

     Comb ½" binding                                                                            $0.20/ea

     Comb ¾" binding                                                                            $0.25/ea

     Comb 1" binding                                                                             $0.30/ea

     Comb 1 ½" binding                                                                         $0.40/ea

     Comb 2" binding                                                                             $0.50/ea


Colored Banner Paper

     36" wide                                                                                         $0.15/ft


Custom Buttons

     Printed designs for buttons (30 per ft)                                          $1.75/ft

     Complete button parts                                                                   $0.25/ea


Scantrons                                                                                           $0.25/ea


Cleaning CD's & DVD's                                                                   $0.50/ea


VHS to DVD digitization                                                                  $1.50/ea DVD


Faxes                                                                                                  $0.25/pg


Free Services

     Large Format paper cutters

     Diecut letters/images (Variquest Unit)

     Large Platform Scanning (Up to 36" wide)

     35mm Slide Digitization

     USB drive Duplication

     Scantron Reader/Grader  


Circulating Equipment List Circulating Equipment List


Media Services Circulating Equipment List

For Faculty/Staff/Students

     Laptops                                         Faculty/Staff 2 week checkout                   Student 1 week checkout

     LCD Projectors                            Faculty/Staff 2 week checkout                    Student 3 day checkout

     Digital Voice Recorders               Faculty/Staff 2 week checkout                    Student 1 week checkout

     Digital Cameras                           Faculty/Staff 2 week checkout                    Student 3 day checkout

     DVD/VHS Player                        Faculty/Staff/Student 3 day checkout


For Faculty/Staff (checkout length at discretion of Media Services Librarian or Staffer)

     TV/DVD/VHS carts

     Overhead Projector


     Tripod Screens

     Public Address System


Staging Enabled