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Weekly Tech Tips:
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ENMU Digital World Dawg Days Overview

ENMU Digital World Tutorial Guide

Tips and Tricks to boost learning and knowledge retention

Learning Technology Methodology & Encouragement

ENMU Web Email Feature highlights

Your own personal E-Portfolio


How to Install Microsoft Office on Your Personal Computer

Introduction to One Drive

One Drive File Upload and Sharing Tutorial

One Drive on your Desktop Tutorial

How to securely transmit physical signatures and other documents

An Introduction to MS Sway    (For Faculty, Staff, and Students)

ENMU Accessing MS Sway Visual Guide

ENMU Accessing MS Stream Visual Guide

MS FORMS - A means to obtain useful insights and feedback

Ease of Access Resources

Excel useful advanced features

Microsoft Teams - A means to increase team efficiency and productivity

MS Teams Online Meeting Capabilities Tutorial

Using Video Backgrounds in Teams

Outlook useful advanced features

Powerpoint useful advanced features

Windows 10 Shortcut Keys


Browser Shortcuts

Data Resources available to students, faculty, and staff

Free/Discounted Software/Hardware available to students, facutly, and staff of ENMU

Google's super useful advanced features

Have you ever wondered why a cookie is in your browser?

Institutional Statistics available for Research and Data needs

Quick Portal Navigation

Search functionality for Research Projects

Tutorial - How to register for classes

Useful Open Source media utilities

Practical Everyday Use of Scripting with Python a Daily Super Power

Tabs Management in Firefox & Chrome

Staging Enabled