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Welcome to Eastern New Mexico University. It is our hope that you find your higher education experience rewarding and enjoyable. Here are a few tips on using ENMU's electronic services to get the most out of your educational experience. Throughout this document, you will see video links. To watch the videos, sign into MediaSite with the same credentials you use for other ENMU services like the Portal.

The ENMU Portal. Video Link.

The Portal is the heart of ENMU's online content. It can be accessed by clicking here. From the front page of the Portal, you can access the QuickLaunch system which will take you to your email, SSB, and other services.  Besides the LaunchPad, other tabs in the QuickLaunch such as Advising, Financial Resources, Registration, and Student Records provide quick access to content in the relevant areas. The navigation bar along the top of the window will take you to the Forms and Downloads section, the Student Resources section, or the Communities section.

Self-Service Banner. Video Link.

Self-Service Banner, or SSB, is a tool for accessing and editing a variety of information about your ENMU experience. If you are logging directly into SSB instead of accessing it through the Portal LaunchPad, you will need to use your ID number and PIN to log on. Unless you change it, your ID number will be your date of birth in the format MMDDYY, where if you were born July 4, 2015, your PIN would be 070415. You will use SSB to register for classes, view your grades, financial records, and other information. The tabs along the top of the window let you navigate the different sections, and links will take you around a specific section.

A very useful tool you may not be aware of is the CAPP system. Available through SSB, CAPP is a system that allows you more information and control over your degree plan and allows you to experiment with different plans. To use it, sign into SSB and go to the Student Services and Financial Aid tab. From there, select Student Records, then Degree Evaluation (CAPP). Here, select Generate New Evaluation along the bottom of the window. On the screen that appears, select the radio button next to the degree plan you would like to see and select Generate Request. It will take a few moments for the degree plan to be created. After you are finished examining your progress, you can either click Return to Menu at the top of the page or click What-If Analysis on the bottom to see how your current credits fit into another degree plan. On the What-If Analysis page, select the catalog you want to use, the program you would like to see, followed by the major. Click Submit to see the new analysis, or Add More if you would like to double major. 

Office 365.

As an ENMU student, you are eligible to install Office 365 on up to 5 computers. To do this, you will sign into your email and click the gear icon in the top right of your browser window. A menu will drop down, and you will select the top option, Office 365 Settings. This will take you to a new page, where you will select Software. Near the bottom of the page that you are taken to will be a button that says Install. Clicking that will download an installer file which, when run, will download and install Office 365. After it is installed, you will be asked to sign in with a Microsoft account. Here you will use a unique username. It will be your Portal username followed by instead of your email address. You will use your Portal password. The software will remain activated until you leave the University.

Managing your Campus Email

Do you get multiple unwanted emails from a single address? Would you like all your email from a professor automatically sorted into a folder? If so, Office 365 Outlook's inbox rules can help you. To begin, sign into your email in a Web browser and right click on an email from the address you want to sort. In the menu that pops up, click Create Rule. This will bring up the New inbox rule menu. The rule will start with three conditions set. Clicking the X on the far left of each condition will remove it. Clicking on the blue name next to the condition dropdown will allow you to change the rule. Once you have set your conditions, select your response under the Do all of the following section. If you need to add a folder, you can right click inside the Select a Folder popup and select Create New Subfolder. When your rule is complete, click OK at the top of the screen.

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