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Make sure to not give your password to anyone. ITS will never ask for your password unless it is related to an ongoing technical issue initiated by you. IN NO OTHER CIRCUMSTANCES should you ever give your password to anyone, EVEN IF you think they are 'someone important', it is 'someone higher up in your chain of command', or they 'are a student worker/employee of the University.'

Additionally, there have been multiple cases where an external website being compromised has led to an ENMU member being compromised because they reused their password. Make sure your ENMU password is unique and never use it for anything else but your ENMU account. 
Remember, per University Policy 60-1-16 & 60-6-2-F "Unauthorized use of an employee's access passwords may be considered criminal activity and treated as such.  [See New Mexico Criminal Code, NMSA 1978, ยง 30-45-1 to-7 (1989 as amended through 2006")]
Related University Policies:


Submitting Help Desk Tickets Submitting Help Desk Tickets


Submitting Help Desk Tickets:

For Distance Learning technology help for Mediasite and Canvas, you can reach out to or call them at (575)562-2165

For technical support, such as software, technology,  telecomm troubleshooting, and technical training, you can reach out to ITS Helpdesk by filling out our electronic form, by emailing, by calling them at 575.562.4357, or via MS Teams at Help Desk.

Please use the snipping Tool when submitting a ticket to . It assists us in helping you in a more rapid manner since it allows us to see what you are seeing, and to know what area of the software you are encountering the problems in. This tool can be found by searching 'Snipping' in the Windows 10 search bar in the bottom left

Left click 'New' , then click and drag over the material you are encountering the issue with, letting go of the click when the whole area has been covered. Then press Ctrl+C (this is Copy), or alternatively left click 'Edit' and select Copy. Now include this copied material in the content you send in the email to Help Desk.

New Student Guide New Student Guide


[The Short URL for this location is]

Welcome to Eastern New Mexico University,


As a first matter you can use this PDF to familirize yourself with the ENMU Digital World you will use throughout your time here at Eastern.

It is our hope that you find your higher education experience rewarding and enjoyable. What follows are a few tips on using ENMU's electronic services to get the most out of your educational experience. Throughout this document, you will see video links. To watch the videos, sign into MediaSite with the same credentials you use for other ENMU services like the Portal, except without the sd\.


The ENMU Portal

The Portal is the heart of ENMU's online content. It can be accessed by clicking here. From the front page of the Portal, you can access the QuickLaunch system which will take you to your email, SSB, and other services.  Besides the LaunchPad, other tabs in the QuickLaunch such as Advising, Financial Resources, Registration, and Student Records provide quick access to content in the relevant areas. The navigation bar along the top of the window will take you to the Forms and Downloads section, the Student Resources section, or the Communities section.


Student MFA

The following tutorial provides a walkthrough on how to activate the ENMU required Multi Factor Authentication for your student account:

Student MFA Enrollment

Office 365

As an ENMU student, you are eligible to install Office 365 on up to 5 computers.

Tutorial: How to Install Microsoft Office on Your Personal Computer

Digital Tools for Homework

A tutorial on how to digitally submit handwritten homework

MS OneDrive

As an ENMU student, you have access to use One Drive for your documents and other files you would like to store from your school journey.

One Drive on your Desktop Tutorial

Introduction to One Drive

One Drive File Upload and Sharing Tutorial


MS Teams

As an ENMU student, you have access to MS Teams, a collaboration tool that various Departments and Faculty use to communicate and collaborate with students. This tool is also used by students to collaborate with eachother on various assignments such as group projects, informally through campus clubs, etc.

Introduction and getting started with MS Teams


ENMU School From Home

Many more Software tutorials for students are located at, as well as some links to other institutional resources available to students.


Student General Resources Page:

The following link is the central location for all faculty & staff resources across the institution. The items that follow below this section are key highlights of common resources used frequently. Link

Career Services Digital Resources Page:

This is the location to find Student Job Opportunies on Campus, as well as internships & post graduation job opportunties, through Handshake, as well as other materials provided by the Office of Career Services. Link

Self-Service Banner

Self-Service Banner, or SSB, is a tool for accessing and editing a variety of information about your ENMU experience. If you are logging directly into SSB instead of accessing it through the Portal LaunchPad, you will need to use your ID number and PIN to log on. Unless you change it, your ID number will be your date of birth in the format MMDDYY, where if you were born July 4, 2015, your PIN would be 070415. You will use SSB to register for classes, view your grades, financial records, and other information. The tabs along the top of the window let you navigate the different sections, and links will take you around a specific section.

Degree Evaluation (CAPP)

A very useful tool you may not be aware of is the CAPP system. Available through (Which is the Portal Homepage), CAPP is a system that allows you more information and control over your degree plan and allows you to experiment with different plans. To use it, go to the Portal Homepage, left click on Launchpad and then left click on Student Profile. From there, select Degree Evaluation (CAPP). Here, select the radio button next to your degree plan, then press Generate New Evaluation, which is typically a button along the bottom left of the window. This will allow you to review your declared major.

On the What-If Analysis tab, select the Entry Term (catalog) you want to use, the program you would like to see, followed by the major. Click Submit to see the new analysis.

Tutorial: Utilizing the new AppNav9 CAPP to save some time


Managing your Campus Email

Do you get multiple unwanted emails from a single address? Would you like all your email from a professor automatically sorted into a folder? If so, Office 365 Outlook's inbox rules can help you. To begin, sign into your email in a Web browser and right click on an email from the address you want to sort. In the menu that pops up, click Create Rule. This will bring up the New inbox rule menu. The rule will start with three conditions set. Clicking the X on the far left of each condition will remove it. Clicking on the blue name next to the condition dropdown will allow you to change the rule. Once you have set your conditions, select your response under the Do all of the following section. If you need to add a folder, you can right click inside the Select a Folder popup and select Create New Subfolder. When your rule is complete, click OK at the top of the screen.

Additional Student Resources Additional Student Resources


Other Campus Resources

Below is a non-exhaustive assortment of other resources for students available around campus


Tutoring Services

Various tutoring services available from around campus: Link

Library Resources

Tutorials and resources available from the ENMU Library: Link


ENMU Computer Labs

Information on the various computer labs around campus can be found at the following link: Link

Distance Learning Resources

Resources available for Distance Learning students and students taking online classes:

    Canvas: Link
    Mediasite: Link
    Library Distance Learning Resources: Link
    Dual Enrollment: Link

ENMU Foundation Scholarships

Information on applying for Foundation scholarships: Link


ENMU Student Organizations

Information on student organizations at ENMU, what they are about, and how to join them can be found at the following link: Link


Multi Cultural Affairs Resources

Information on resources available through the Multi-Cultural Affairs Office: Link


Information on the SSS program and how to apply can be found at the following link: Link


ENMU Post Office

Information on obtaining a Post Office Box at ENMU and other mailing services can be found at the following link: Link


ENMU Department of Public Safety

information on getting a parking sticker for your vehicle, as well as information on other services, can be found at the following link: Link


ENMU Housing Department

Information on ENMU Housing & Dining, how to sign up for them, and other information, can be found at the following link: Link


ENMU Annual Student Research & Creativity Conference

Information on upcoming SRCC and prior SRCC can be found at the the following link: Link


ENMU Accessibility Resources and Testing Center

Information on accessibility resources and testing can be found at the following link: Link


For a collection of all student resources available to you from around campus, visit the following link: Link

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