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SSB and submitting Word Orders:

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How to file a Physical Plant Request


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Submitting Help Desk Tickets:

For Distance Learning technology help for Mediasite and Blackboard, you can reach out to distance.learning@enmu.edu or call them at (575)562-2165

For technical support, such as software, technology, and telecomm troubleshooting, you can reach out to ITS Helpdesk at help.desk@enmu.edu or call them  at 575.562.4357.

Use the snipping Tool as shown below when submitting a ticket to help.desk@enmu.edu

Screen Capture- Snipping Tool and PowerPoint Screen Capture



NEVER share your USERNAME or PASSWORD with anyone, regardless how important their position may seem.
Those that have a legitimate need for access will be granted access separately.
Anyone who asks for USERNAME and PASSWORD is a hacker or breaking ENMU Policy!


New Employee Guide New Employee Guide


Welcome to Eastern New Mexico University,

It is our desire that your employment here will be both productive and enjoyable. As you begin here are a few tips and videos we hope will prove helpful. Throughout this document, you will see video links. To view the videos, log in with your normal ENMU credentials, the same ones you log onto the Portal with.


The ENMU Portal: Video Link.

The ENMU Portal is the gateway to all of ENMU's online content. It can be accessed by clicking this link. Your log on credentials are the same as the ones you use to log on to your computer. The front page of the portal contains both an events and an academic calendar, your message inbox, and the QuickLaunch system, which contains links to many ENMU services and pages you may need. The Forms and Downloads tab contains documents such as leave request forms and benefit information in the Human Resources folder, or Banner account request forms and telephone manuals in the ITS/Telecommunications folder.


Physical Plant Work Request: Video Link.

If you are having trouble with some physical aspect of your office, such as the lights or air conditioning, this is the website you need. The Physical Plant Work Request system, available by clicking here, is an easy way to contact our Physical Plant department for non-emergency issues. After filling out the simple form, you will receive an email confirming that your case has been entered.


Self-Service Banner: Video Link.

Self-Service Banner, or SSB, is a service that allows employees and students a place to see and manipulate various information about themselves. Of particular concern for employees is the Employee tab, which has various subheadings. Generally, the two you will use most are the Leave Report and Tax Forms links. The Leave Report function is how you turn in your time off. Please note that you can only submit one leave report per pay period, so make sure you have all the leave filed before you submit.


Outlook 2016 Data Management: Video Link.

One thing you will need to be aware of as you begin your time here at Eastern is that, when it comes to your email account, we have a disk quota system in place. What this means is that you are allotted a certain amount of space, currently set at 4.5 GB, and if you go over it, you will no longer be able to send and receive emails. Luckily, there are ways of controlling your disk usage: you can delete or archive emails. To archive, click the File button, select Cleanup Tools, and click Archive.


Outlook 2016 Calendar Management: Video Link.

A very useful tool for managing your schedule is the Outlook 2016 calendar. This allows you to set up meetings and appointments. You can use the Recurrence button on the ribbon while adding an appointment to set a series of appointments going forward. The Scheduling Assistant is another powerful tool for booking meetings. To use it, click "Scheduling Assistant" on the ribbon and add names to your meeting to find a time everyone is available.

Guide for Remote Faculty and Staff Guide for Remote Faculty and Staff


ENMU is committed to providing excellent technology resources to all of its faculty and staff, including those who are adjuncts, remote, or otherwise not based in an on-campus office. To this end, ITS has prepared a variety of options to help you maximize your productivity wherever you are. Here is a brief look at our main offerings:

  • Firstly, there is Office 365 Online. This is a service that allows you to access full copies of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, as well as exclusive services like SkyDrive and Sway, from any computer with an Internet connection. To do this, open a web browser and visit login.microsoftonline.com. Enter your ENMU email address. When you click into the Password field, a screen will come up asking if this is a work email address or a personal email address. Click the top option, Work address, to be taken to an ENMU login page. Enter your ENMU username preceded by ad\ and your password in the appropriate fields. You will then be taken to the Office 365 home page where you can click the icon of the app you want.


  • Also on this page, there is a button in the top right corner of the screen that says Install Office 2016. This will allow you to install a full version of Microsoft Office 2016 for free, onto up to five computers. To begin, simply click the button. This will download an installer file, which you can run to install the program. After it installs, you will be asked to sign in with a Microsoft account to license the program. This requires a different set of credentials than most things. For your username, you should use your ENMU username followed by @ad.enet.enmu.edu. Just your username or Email address will not work. You can then enter your normal password and the software will activate.


  • In addition to the free software, one of the services ENMU offers is a discounted software store offering inexpensive copies of Microsoft Windows, Adobe Creative Cloud, SPSS and more. To access this, visit http://enmu-edu.onthehub.com and register an account using the Register link in the top right of the screen. After filling in the form and answering a small poll about your roles at ENMU, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your account. Click on the link inside the email to confirm your identity. You will then be able to add software to your cart and purchase it like many other online stores.


  • However, if you would prefer not to buy academic programs, you can use the ENMU VPN client to connect to an on-campus computer either owned by your department or supplied by ITS to access a variety of programs for your use including MATLAB, OrCAD, SPSS, ArcGIS and more. For information on how to install this program and how to connect to ENMU computers, please visit https://my.enmu.edu/web/its-technical-trainer/enmu-vpn-client for instructional guides and videos.


  • Finally, another great resource available to you is the ENMU Portal. The Portal is the heart of all of ENMU's online offerings, and contains a quick link system that will let you access your email, Banner, Blackboard and more, in addition to forms, policy manuals, announcements, notifications of important events, and more.


If you have questions or concerns about the services mentioned above, please contact the office of the ITS Technical Trainer at 575-562-2678 or by emailing david.p.sanchez@enmu.edu.

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