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Macro Creator

Automate the boring stuff - Create Scripts & Macros Easily

Pulover's Macro Creator is a Free Automation Tool and Script Generator. It is based on AutoHotkey language and provides users with multiple automation functions, as well as a built-in recorder. Macros can be executed from the program itself or you can export them to AutoHotkey Script format or a standalone executable.

"Pulover's Macro Creator is very handy as a means of automating various tasks without possessing  programming knowledge." -Softpedia.com
You can add not only keystrokes and mouse actions to your scripts but also manage windows, controls, files, strings, search images/pixels and even create If/Else Statements to control the flow of your macros! From simple repetitive tasks to complex automation projects, Pulover's Macro Creator will save you hours of monotonous work. Everything with a friendly and intuitive interface.

If you don't know much about programming it can help you create macros to automate various tasks or you can export it to working AHK Scripts. You don't have to understand every command, with only the Record, Play and Export buttons you can record, test and create working macros with hotkeys. The default settings should be suitable for most users.

And if you're already familiar with AHK or programming, it can save you time creating and editing macros. You can Export the script, join different macros in one script with hotkeys of your choice and the Preview Window allows you to easily copy the generated code to use in your projects. Or you can use the Play feature to execute the macro without having to create a new script everytime. PMC has also advanced features such as Variables Assignment, Functions and COM Interface. The source code is hosted and maintained on GitHub.

Download Macro Creator

! Check out the below tutorials to find out how to automate monotounous tasks !

Quick Tutorial

The simplest way to get started with Pulover's Macro Creator is using the recorder. Follow these steps record a macro:

  1. Start Pulover's Macro Creator.
  2. Click on the Record button on the toolbar.
  3. Press the record hotkey (default is F9).
  4. Make mouse and keyboard actions.
  5. Press the record hotkey again to stop.
  6. Press the playback hotkey (default is F3) to reproduce your actions.

You can change record and playback options clicking the arrows beside those buttons in the toolbar, or going to Settings.

Although the recorder is a good choice for quick tasks, Pulover's Macro Creator can do many other things if you take the time to learn its commands. You can add loops, conditions, create variables and arrays, send text on a background window, search for an image or pixel and much more.

Advanced Training Materials:




A Deeper resource for Ambitious Automaters

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