Getting Started! Getting Started!


Getting Started with ENMU work from home capabilities:


The quickest way to get started working from home is to:

  • install the VPN client and remoted desktop to your on campus computer (Link)
  • forward your phone (Link).



Remote desktop can get in the way of getting things done. Following the steps listed below will help speed up working at home


Getting Started, stuff to do without Remote Desktop:

    Being FERPA Complaint while working from home means not storing data on a computer or storage device that is off campus. OneDrive is an
    approved way to make data available on both your off campus devices and your campus computer. It is protected by your university log on. One
    Drive on your Desktop Tutorial

   Install Outlook, word, excel and the office suite on remote computer. (Link)

Note: Answer Teams Audio/Video calls with the machine you are in front of. If you answer a Teams call with your on campus computer when you are working from home, it will use your on campus hardware.

   Teams Download Location

   How to Join a Scheduled Teams Meeting

   How to use Teams for small group projects

   How to create MS Teams class meetings

   How to use Teams channels

   How to Screen Share in Teams Meetings

   For remote collaboration capabilities with colleagues, please review the Microsoft Teams tutorial located here .

   For a tutorial on how to use Microsoft Teams as an All-in-One Solution click here .

   For the ENMU Teams Etiquette Guide click here .

   For a tutorial on Teams online meeting capabilities click here

   For a tutorial on using Teams Live Events click here

   Instructions on how to use Teams Video Backgrounds located here.

   For a tutorial on how to digitally sign PDF files click here .

   For a tutorial on how to securely transmit physical signatures and other documents digitally click here

   For a tutorial on how to fax online click here

   The ENMU Portal [] will give access to most information needed (Announcements, Blackboard, Mediasite, email, online office   
   suite) are available. Many links for Administrative systems will not work without the VPN running and connected to ENMU.


For everything listed after this the ENMU VPN is required:

   The ENMU VPN is the fundamental software that will be used to access ENMU computers and administrative systems. It most be installed to
    remote desktop to an on campus computer, access shared drives and run Banner systems. For information on how to install this program and how
    to connect to ENMU computers, including instructional guides and videos, please visit:

   You can run Banner, Workflow, Banner Document Manager and Argos directly on your remote computer. (Link)

   You can answer and manage your ENMU phone just like you were on campus with Mitel connect. For instructions on how to install the Mitel
   Connect software click here .

   For instructions on how to enable Mitel Connect softphone features click here.

   For instructions on how to setup up External Assignment & Forwarding with Mitel Connect click here.

   For instructions on how to add Shared Drives to your off campus machine click here .

   Adobe tutorials are available here.

   A 'Work From Home Checklist' to assist with working from home day-to-day can be found here .



   This is an article from PC Magazine containing 20 helpful best practices for working from home:

   From the American Psychological Association, this article will assist in coping with the psychological transition we are all going through:

   An article from Harvard Business Review on work from home:

   An article from NPR on effective work from home habits:

   An article from MIT on work from home hidden risk management:


International Articles:

    British BBC--

  •     Five ways to work well from home -- Link
  •     Coronavirus: How to work from home, the right way -- Link

    Australian Sydney Morning Herald--

    How to work from home effectively - and without harming your health -- Link

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