Imaging (WebXtender) Imaging (WebXtender)


To get to Imaging:

Go to and login as normal

Left click on located on the left hand side

Left click on


To Add Images:

Left Click new batch


Enter name per area conventions, then press continue



Left click add page


Left click browse    


        -select a folder, or as many files as needed. Does not have to be PDF.

        -People can add large files here, usually scanning makes files small, which is nice


Click Upload


With the above steps anyone who has access to the digital format of a document can index it into AppXtender like normal. This is what several people typically do who Batch scan documents.



When done with the steps listed above


Left click 'Upload Batches' located near the top left


Locate your batch name and left click the blue down arrow


Left click 'Index'


Left click the corner left button 'Select Index' located near the top right


Single left click select the desired person, and the press 'Select'


Fill in the rest of the fields per area process convention, then left click 'Save'


Staging Enabled