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Introduction to the ENMU Portal

Introduction to Telecom Phones

MS Teams Introduction Tutorial

Introduction to One Drive

Portal Password Questions

Preventing Password Changes


SSB and submitting Word Orders:

Introduction to Self-Service Banner

How to file a Physical Plant Request


Position dependent training:

Microsoft Software Training Resources

AppNav (Banner 9) Training Resources

Imaging (WebXtender) Training Resources

Argos Training Resources

Portal Community Training Resources

VPN Training


Submitting Help Desk Tickets:

For Distance Learning technology help for Mediasite and Blackboard, you can reach out to distance.learning@enmu.edu or call them at (575)562-2165

For technical support, such as software, technology, and telecomm troubleshooting, you can reach out to ITS Helpdesk at help.desk@enmu.edu or call them  at 575.562.4357.

Use the snipping Tool as shown below when submitting a ticket to help.desk@enmu.edu

Screen Capture- Snipping Tool and PowerPoint Screen Capture



NEVER share your USERNAME or PASSWORD with anyone, regardless how important their position may seem.
Those that have a legitimate need for access will be granted access separately.
Anyone who asks for USERNAME and PASSWORD is a hacker or breaking ENMU Policy!


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