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Hello, thank you for taking an interest in utilizing ARGOS here at Eastern New Mexico University. Listed below is all available ARGOS Training:

To get started, go to and select 'PROD-ROSW' of either Argos or Argos web. To sign in, just use your regular ENMU credentials minus the ad\  .


ARGOS Training Video Playlist


SZRSECT ARGOS AppNav  cross training:

The ARGOS report equivalent of SZRSECT  is 'Section Information' under the 'General OLAPs and Reports'
folder. This may be easier then using AppNav for SZRSECT.
However, the AppNav method also works.
Run SZRSECT in AppNav with DATABASE as the printer name, then click on Related, Review Output, then locate the report in the list of reports, click on it and select Okay.   
To download it into a text file, click on Tools and Show Document.  A box pops up which will say ‘You have selected to show file szrsect.lis in a browser.  Do you wish to continue?'
After clicking Yes, it displays a page which allows one to save it in a text file by clicking on the gear
icon and ‘File' then ‘Save As'.


If there are further questions you are left with after utilizing the above material, please reach out to the ITS Technical Trainer at ext:2678


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