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This is a list of currently available training arranged by category. To use the videos, sign into MediaSite with the same credentials you used to sign into the Portal.


ENMU School From Home Guide

ENMU New Student Guide

ENMU Student Digital World Tutorial Guide



ENMU Work From Home Guide

ENMU New Employee Guide

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[The Short URL for this location is enmu.edu/technicalguide]

Hello and welcome to the ITS Technical Trainer Portal Community,

This is a central location for accessing training materials. To request different training subject matters or schedule a training session, please include 'Technical Trainer Request' in the subject and body of your email to Help Desk.


Submitting Help Desk Tickets:

For Distance Learning technology help for Mediasite and Canvas, you can reach out to distance.learning@enmu.edu or call them at (575)562-2165

For technical support, such as software, technology,  telecomm troubleshooting, and technical training, you can reach out to ITS Helpdesk by filling out our electronic form (by signing in without the ad\), by emailing help.desk@enmu.edu, or by calling them at 575.562.4357. You can also track the progress of your submitted tickets from the electronic form.

Please use the snipping Tool when submitting a ticket to help.desk@enmu.edu . It assists us in helping you in a more rapid manner since it allows us to see what you are seeing, and to know what area of the software you are encountering the problems in. This tool can be found by searching 'Snipping' in the Windows 10 search bar in the bottom left

Left click 'New' , then click and drag over the material you are encountering the issue with, letting go of the click when the whole area has been covered. Then press Ctrl+C (this is Copy), or alternatively left click 'Edit' and select Copy. Now include this copied material in the content you send in the email to Help Desk.


Make sure to not give your password to anyone. ITS will never ask for your password unless it is related to an ongoing technical issue initiated by you. IN NO OTHER CIRCUMSTANCES should you ever give your password to anyone, EVEN IF you think they are 'someone important', it is 'someone higher up in your chain of command', or they 'are a student worker/employee of the University.'

Additionally, there have been multiple cases where an external website being compromised has led to an ENMU member being compromised because they reused their password. Make sure your ENMU password is unique and never use it for anything else but your ENMU account. 
Remember, per University Policy 60-1-16 & 60-6-2-F "Unauthorized use of an employee's access passwords may be considered criminal activity and treated as such.  [See New Mexico Criminal Code, NMSA 1978, ยง 30-45-1 to-7 (1989 as amended through 2006"
Related University Policies:

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Welcome to Eastern New Mexico University ITS Technical Training

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