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Getting Started with App Nav


The below four materials are quality of life content to increase the ease at which you can accomplish things in the AppNav environment

How to join Ellucian Customer Center  <- it is strongly encouraged to do this

Guide on Banner 9 Shortcut keys

-Creating a Quickflow

-Adding to MyBanner



The material below is an effort to have a centralized location for all ENMU AppNav training. If you have AppNav tutorials in your department that you would like to see listed here, please reach out to the ITS Technical Trainer.

INTRODUCTION TO AppNav Video Tutorials

[Videos utilize a slightly older AppNav. Useful for general introduction]


Click here to Download a .zip of Laura Smart's Updated Schedule Data Entry Information

Click here to Download Laura Smart's Schedule Data Entry for Wintermester Courses

Click here to download a .zip of all other available App Nav (Banner 9) trainings


-Why AppNav (Banner 9)? (Video)

-Getting Started with Banner 9: An overview of the user interface and Keyboard Shortcuts (Video)

-How to Access --R Reports like SZRSECT From AppNav (Banner 9) (PDF)

-ENMU Introductory Guide on using Banner 9 Transformed Forms

-Banner 9 Features Structure and Navigation (PowerPoint)

-Banner 9 Keyboard Shortcuts (Excel)

-Banner 9 General User Guide (PDF) [Note: have to be signed in with your ENMU credentials]

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