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If you need assistance with technology issues, fill out our electronic form, call 575.562.4357, by email with help.desk@enmu.edu, or via Teams by clicking here. Provide us with a description of the problem, the contact person, and location.


Information Technology Services provides resources and consulting services that enable students, faculty and staff at Eastern New Mexico University to make maximum use of the appropriate information technology tools in their learning, teaching, research, outreach, administration and support activities. Technology Department includes these areas (click for more information on each):

All staff, faculty, and students must adhere to the University Computer Use Policies and Procedures. Failure to abide by the guidelines in the policy shall subject any user of the University computer system to sanctions, which may result in denial of computer account privileges, and/or disciplinary action, which could lead to expulsion from the University, dismissal from a position or legal action.

Operational Status and Email Filter for the last week
   Disclaimer: The uptimes shown below do not represent the state of the internet and software in students' remote locations. It only represents availability for those present on campus.



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