Technology Resources for Faculty and Staff Technology Resources for Faculty and Staff





            The ITS area maintains a Helpdesk to log all requests. The Helpdesk is the first line of support for faculty, staff and students when they need computing or telephone assistance. They work with users over the telephone or face to face with their requests. To request help with the services below, call 575.562.4357 or E-mail with a description of the problem, the contact person and location.


  • Desktop applications (software purchases, installations, uninstalls)
  • Computer/Printer/Telephone issues
  • Portal questions
  • Set-up/rebuilds of computing equipment
  • E-mail issues if unable to connect, folder, setup, shared calendars, etc.
  • Network connectivity on-campus including student dorms and wireless
  • Upgrading qualified computers through the yearly computer replacement plan
  • Moving computer/telephone equipment from one location to another or reclaiming unused computer/telephony equipment (Once per year from date of last move. Additional moves available for a small fee)
  • Resetting E-mail and network passwords
  • Reservations for Computers On Wheels (COWs) or problems with "Smart Classrooms"
  • Providing network support for personal student computers for students living on campus
  • Network E-mail and administrative computing
  • E-mailing to mass distribution lists for staff, faculty and students
  • Preforming computer and personal data backups
  • Shared data areas and department data restores
  • Specialized reports from Banner
  • Helping with small stand-alone databases
  • Campus telephone service-moves, adds and changes


ITS does not provide support for the copiers. Contact Purchasing at 575.562.2425 for support.



            The Telecommunications and Network Services department installs and maintains the ENMU telephone and computer network infrastructures including: fiber cable, copper cable and active network equipment. The department is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the telephone, computer network, voicemail and 911 systems. The activation and billing of cellular telephone service and long distance calling services are also under this department.

Long Distance Code/Cellular Account Requests may be requested with an online form at

To coordinate the following services, contact the Helpdesk at 575.562.4357

  • Telephone conference service
  • Cellular telephone/accessories requests
  • Telephone operation training
  • Billing issues
  • Special service requests



           The ITS administrative office provides overall management and support for the Information Technology Services and Telecommunications departments, provides administrative support to staff, and provides technology procurement support. This office is responsible for monitoring virus protection and computer system updates for the campus as well as acting as the information center for the department. To obtain assistance with any of the following, please call 562-4352.

  •  Turning in completed forms for access request to the network, e-mail, Banner and Web pages.
  •  Reservations of the UCC Conference Room or Banner Training Room.




Client Services is in charge of maintaining all of the academic and administrative computing environments including Labs, Smart Classroom, and Student Network Resources (RESLAN). Please contact the Helpdesk if you need assistance with any of these subjects.


            The ITS Systems area is responsible for the creation of computer access accounts, which allow the individual student or staff/faculty member to access the ENMU network and global internet. The University provides staff and faculty members with employee email accounts and personal data storage folders. This area also provides custom reports and application development. Please contact the Helpdesk if you need assistance with any of these subjects.


            All staff, faculty and students must adhere to the University Computer Use Policies and Procedures. Failure to abide by the guidelines in the policy shall subject any user of the University computer system to sanctions, which may result in denial of computer account privileges, and/or disciplinary action. Disciplinary action could lead to expulsion from the University, dismissal from a position or legal action.


            ITS requires forms for access to the ENMU network, Banner administrative system, web pages and telephones. These forms are found on-line at or by calling 575.562.4352.


            ENMU maintains many smart classrooms and media-enhanced classrooms to provide instructors and students with advanced technological tools for teaching and presenting. These classrooms are continually evaluated to ensure they are maintained with up-to-date hardware and software best representing classroom needs. Computer on Wheels (COWs) are stationed strategically in each building, providing mobile audio/visual support for the regular classroom. COWs include a computer, monitor, projector and computer speakers on a portable cart that is dispatched to classrooms without enhanced equipment.


 ENMU provides computing resources to the students and faculty of the University through various computer labs, software and personnel support. The University also provides specialized labs to teach some courses. The computer labs are updated and configured with current office software, high speed laser printers and full internet access to encourage students to work at their most convenient location on campus. Classroom labs have multimedia projection capabilities and document cameras. Lab personnel maintain software and hardware computer functionality in all lab settings on campus, perform computer rotations yearly for all computer labs and provide support to faculty and students with problems, issues, and concerns regarding the lab equipment. At present, the only available computer lab is in the Golden Student Success Center. Please contact the GSSC for information on hours and requirements to access the computer lab.


ENMU has comprehensive wireless coverage of learning areas, dorms, and other locations such as the Golden Library and the Campus Union Building. Outside of the dorms, the wireless network is called ENMUGuest and is available in most office areas as well.


ENMU provides students with a network account which allows students to register for classes, check their schedule, view their grades, view account balances, as well as the opportunity to create their own personal Web page. ENMU also issues all students an ENMU email account which must be used for all official email communications with the University. ENMU does not back up student e-mail or web pages. All of these services can be accessed from the ENMU Portal, available at

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