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Welcome to the Equipment Request Community page.  The information on this page will assist you with the process of requesting computing and printing technology from an ENMU approved equipment list. 

Equipment that is not ordered through the administrative approval process may not be supported by ITS.

Any computer or other electronic device valued at $200 or greater must undergo an administrative approval process. Information Technology Services (ITS) will ensure all requests meet the requirements of what the user needs, be compatible with the university technology environment, and will be able to get the lowest pricing possible due to ongoing vendor relationships.  Examples of equipment ordered through ITS include computers, laptops, printers, sound systems, projectors, monitors, servers, and electronic accessories.

If the equipment totals are less than $1,000, ITS can order the equipment via credit card.  If the equipment totals are more than $1,000, a purchase order must be generated by ITS.

The following is the formal process that the equipment request would follow.

  • Review the equipment list for your technology need.  In the left pane, click on the technology area for your need.  If you need assistance with choosing the appropriate equipment for your need, call ITS at extension 4352.
  • Consult with your direct supervisor on your request and obtain support.  Email the request and the support of your supervisor to
  • ITS will prepare a formal equipment request email.  The email will list a summary of your request and all the equipment listed with the associated costs.
  • Route the email to your direct supervisor, including the account number that will be funding your request, and ask them to forward the email form with the words, "Approved for purchase" to
  • ITS will order the equipment.
  • When ITS receives the equipment, the Setup area will contact you for details on the configuration and installation of the equipment.


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