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Equipment Request Process - click this option for a complete explanation of the equipment request process.

Printing Equipment - click this option for printing equipment choices.

Laptops/Tablet- click this option for laptop and tablet equipment choices.

Desktops - click this option for desktop computer equipment choices.

Displays - click this option for LCD display equipment choices.

Scanners - click this option for scanning equipment choices.

Software - click this option for software choices.


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Welcome to the Equipment Request Community page.  The information on this page will assist you with the process of requesting computing and printing technology from an ENMU approved equipment list. 

For a complete explanation of the equipment request process, click on the option Equipment Request Process located in the left pane.

The equipment options on the left will provide summary technical information and approximate costs for printing and computing equipment.  For equipment that is not on the list, call ITS to discuss your need.

NOTE: Availability, configurations and pricing are subject to change.

This form can be used for quickly placing procurement requests

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