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Professional Development :


Scholarships…/ (gaming, engineering, medical)… (financial aid recipients)…/blades-green-scholarship-fu…(environmental/related) (all disciplines) (all disciplines)…/new-years-resolution-scholar…/… (all disciplines) (TONS of scholarships! ENMU Foundation scholarships open Monday)


INTERNSHIPS (research for all experience levels, on/off campus)

For more STEM-related internships, contact


GRANTS (amphibian conservation)

Our HSI-STEM grant can pay you to do research, we fund free tutors, and we can help with degree planning, CV/resume building, etc.

ENMU has internal research grants that you can apply for through a faculty advisor.


Internships/Fellowships/Research Opportunities


Work force:

Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Graduate School:

Eastern New Mexico University Graduate School


New Mexico State Graduate School


New Mexico Tech Graduate School


Science and Technology Policy at Arizona State University (ASU)


Texas Tech Graduate School


University of New Mexico Graduate School


Professional School:

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center


University of New Mexico Engineering School


University of New Mexico Medical School

Staging Enabled