Higher Learning Commission Self Study

Winter 2016-2017

 Dear Campus Community,

In fall 2014, Eastern New Mexico University officially began our preparation for our decennial accreditation review for the Higher Learning Commission. The five criterion teams and Federal Compliance Team have been working diligently on their respective sections of our report, all faculty participated in focused forum meetings at the start of fall semester, and the campus community has received regular updates at General Faculty Meetings, Management Information Exchange Meetings, Staff Meetings, and through Deans' Council meetings and minutes. HLC preparation has been the focus of both our annual campus leadership retreat and our three-campus retreat each summer.

The announcement of public notification of the right to comment was made available on our website in October 2016, and the core writing team is now working on editing final drafts of the arguments for each criterion and securing and formatting evidence documents. Questions about this process can always be directed to the HLC Steering Committee.   You may also see the membership of the criterion committees and contact their co-chairs with any additional questions. 

 You can review the five accreditation criteria at the HLC website.  Our most recent drafts of the current criterion arguments and ENMU's 2007 Self-Study are also available for your review. Our Accreditation visit is April 17-18, 2017.

 We appreciate your support of this important opportunity to review our campus processes, achievements and challenges.

 Thank you.

 Dr. Mary Ayala and Dr. Jamie Laurenz

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Criterion Criterion


 ENMU Self Study 2007

Steering Committee Charge

Federal Compliance

Quality Initiative Report


HLC Criterion One

Criterion One Committee

Criterion One Draft


HLC Criterion Two 

Criterion Two Committee

Criterion Two Draft


HLC Criterion Three

Criterion Three Committee

Criterion Three Draft 


HLC Criterion Four 

Criterion Four Committee

Criterion Four Draft 


HLC Criterion Five

Criterion Five Committee

Criterion Five Draft 




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