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EMGT Program Specifications

Students who wish to enroll in EMGT courses should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Show 30 hours of EMS, Fire, Emergency Management or other technical coursework as documented on an accredited college transcript.
  • Be within 18 hours of general education coursework completion

Students will be recognized on official degree plans as EMGT students with concentrations in EMGT or FESA after transcripts verifying completion of technical hours have been received.

After being accepted into the EMGT Program, students needing general education credit are required to enroll in at least one GenEd course each semester. Students should NOT complete all EMGT or FESA courses and then complete the remainder of their general education credits as this may present problems with graduation. Students who have not completed their general education credits prior to taking EMGT or FESA course should be advised that they will be required to complete the two concurrently.

Additional Requirements


Students must meet all requirements of the B.A.A.S degree as listed in the current ENMU undergraduate catalog. These requirements include:

  • 128 hours minimum
  • 18 hours minimum of upper division coursework
  • 2.00 institutional (ENMU) GPA
  • 2.00 institutional (ENMU) GPA in secondary concentration area(s). Note: A grade of "D" will not count in the secondary concentration area courses.
  • 33 hours completed at ENMU (includes any ENMU campus)
  • 24 of the final 33 hours must be completed at ENMU (includes any ENMU campus)
  • 15 of the final 33 hours must be upper division
  • Completion of the institutional general education assessment
  • Completion of a 30 hour EMGT or FESA concentration

Up to 58 credit hours may be given for students who hold vocational certificates with courses on an accredited university transcript.

For additional information, please contact:

Mr. Lawrence Nelson, M.S., NMCEM
Director, Emergency Management Program
Advisor / Instructor of Emergency Management
1500 S. Ave. K
Station 3
Lea Hall 136
Office: 575.562.2831
Fax: 575-562-2380


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