Nursing Nursing


Welcome to the Eastern New Mexico Nursing Program site, which we hope will be the launching point for a fulfilling career in professional nursing.

Nursing is a wonderfully diversified profession, offering opportunities for service, altruism, personal and professional fulfillment, advancement and success. Our BSN completion program - offered exclusively online - utilizes adult learning theoretical principles to foster knowledge attainment through inquiry, scholarship, and enhanced clinical judgment. Our courses encompass innovative teaching strategies to facilitate learning in a learner-centered environment, augmenting your nursing expertise. Our educators are dedicated to your success and function as facilitators in a caring and supportive learning environment.

Our online MSN program offers opportunities for professional nurses to become nurse educators, to directly impact our current and predicted national nursing shortage. The program is designed for working professional nurses to complete their degree in two years, yet we encourage our diverse student population to pursue their degree at their own pace as we understand that motivation, self-directedness and the setting of personal and professional goals is the key to success.

We are proud of our graduates and their accomplishments, and wish to assist you with the fulfillment of your personal, educational, and professional goals.

Come join us; your journey begins here.


Kristin L. Kuhlmann, Ph.D., RN, FNP-BC

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