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Social Work Field Placement

Social work is both a science (practice based on evidence and theory) and an art (practice based on skills and experience). In the field education program, students integrate classroom learning and application with clients in real-world situations. Students' field experiences interacting with clients, colleagues and the community play an important role in the students' professional and career development, making field education an essential element of the BSW Program.

The field education component of ENMU's BSW Program curriculum consists of supervised social work practice at an approved field setting. Field education provides students the opportunities to develop and demonstrate the social work core competencies. During the spring semester of junior year, social work students take SWK 361 Preparation for Field Experience and apply for a senior year, two semester field placement. In field placement students perform learning activities to develop and demonstrate the core competencies; this is scheduled 16 hours a week for a total of 240 hours per semester with a minimum total of 480 hours by the end of the second semester. Field placement is taken concurrently with required seminar course and core social work courses. Field seminar courses provide students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge about social work practice and gain consultation on practice and field placement issues.

Six credits of field education are taken in both the fall and spring semester of senior year as follows:

Fall Semester:SWK 451 Field Placement I (3)
 SWK 455 Field Seminar I (3)
Spring Semester:SWK 461 Field Placement II (3)
 SWK 465 Field Seminar II (3)


Field placements are available in a variety of governmental, non-profit, and private agencies throughout the region served by the university. Students will work with clients from various cultural, ethnic, racial, social, and age groups. Types of field placements include the following programs: protective services, foster care, adoptions, school, health, juvenile justice, aging, hospice, mental health, behavioral health, corrections, rehabilitation, group care, residential treatment, nursing homes, youth, and family services. Field placement takes place under the instruction of a licensed BSW or MSW practitioner. Students are also assigned to a faculty field liaison that oversees their field learning experience.

The Field Instruction Manual provides field education policy, procedures, forms, and tools. Additional information is available from Ms. Carolyn Tollett

Ms. Carolyn Tollett
Field Director and Assistant Professor in Social Work
ENMU Station 13
1500 S Ave K
Portales, NM 88130


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