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Employee Brief

August 23, 2016

Dr. Michael F. Shaughnessy recently interviewed Dr. Gerald Cupchik of the University of Toronto, Scarborough, Canada about his latest book. The interview appears below.

Sign Up New Employees to Receive Greyhound Gazette

August 18, 2016

New employees do not automatically receive the Greyhound Gazette. You may sign them up on the Greyhound Gazette site, or email their name and email to

New Web Address for Greyhound Stadium

August 18, 2016

The new web address shortcut for the Greyhound Stadium web pages is at:

ENMU Regents to Meet August 26

Portales Campus Regents Room
August 26, 2016 9:30 a.m.

Amended Agenda

Call To Order
1. Declare a quorum
2. Approve the agenda

Routine Matters
1. Approval of the minutes of June 4 and July 19, 2016
2. Report from the president of the Board
3. Report from the president of the ENMU System
4. Report from the ENMU-Roswell president
5. Report from the ENMU-Ruidoso president

Business Matters
1. Overview of Current Budget, Portales (Dr. Steven Gamble, Information Only)
2. Permission to Give 1% Increase in Salary to Staff (non-faculty), Portales (Dr. Gamble, Action)
3. Energy Savings Program, Portales (Mr. Scott Smart, Information Only)
4. 2016 Summer Graduation List, Portales (Mr. Clark Elswick, Action)
5. ENMU-Ruidoso Entry Remodel, Ruidoso (Dr. Clayton Alred, Action)
6. Deactivation of Associate of Applied Science Degree Program in Radiographic Technology, Roswell (Dr. Ken Maguire, Action)
7. 2016 Summer Graduation List, Roswell (Dr. John Madden, Action)

Regents Matters
1. Approval of Presidential Search Firm (Regent Terry Othick, Action)
2. Approval to join the New Mexico Higher Education Regents Association (Regent Patterson, Action)

Executive Session
1. Discussion of three limited personnel matters pursuant to Section 10-15-1(H)(2), NMSA (1978)
2. Conduct a performance evaluation of the University president, a limited personnel matter pursuant to Section 10-15-1(H)(2), NMSA (1978)


Dr. Manuel Varela Received Word of Acceptance for Publication

August 16, 2016

Dr. Manuel Varela, professor of biology, has received word of the acceptance for publication of an invited review article for Anti-Infective Agents, a peer reviewed journal. The authors, title and abstract of the accepted work follow:

Authors Mun Mun Mukherjee, Sanath Kumar, Ugina Shrestha, Indrika Ranaweera, Ranjana KC, Prathusha Kakarla, T. Mark Willmon, Alberto J. Hernandez, Guixin He, Chanmary Lau, Sharla R. Barr, and Manuel F. Varela

Title Comparative genomics and discovery of novel cellular targets for the development of new therapeutics towards Vibrio cholerae, the causative agent of cholera disease

Abstract Vibrio cholerae is a Gram-negative bacterium and causative agent of cholera, which is a severe gastrointestinal disease and a global public health concern. Repletion and antimicrobial drug therapies are necessary for efficacious treatment of severe cases of cholera. In situations where proper sanitation and repletion therapy are unavailable and multidrug resistant V. cholerae variants are present, alternative means of therapy are indicated. Towards this, comparative genomic analyses between virulent versus non-virulent serotypes of V. cholerae have been useful in identifying new cellular targets for the development of new chemotherapies for cholera. This review article explores these new avenues for cholera treatments and summarizes these novel putative drug targets.

Employee Brief

August 11, 2016

Juchao Yan, William Cooper and Michael F. Shaughnessy have published a paper titled "Teaching Science, chemistry and biology at the college/university level."

ENMU Fall Semester Begins August 16

August 11, 2016

PORTALES—The fall semester at Eastern New Mexico University in Portales will begin on Tuesday, Aug. 16. The semester ends on Dec. 9, with commencement set for Dec. 10.

The last day to register is Aug. 23.

Those not yet admitted should contact Enrollment Services at or call 800-367-3668 (562-2178 locally).

For university information, call 575-562-1011.

Employee Brief

August 11, 2016

Dr. Donald C. Elder III, professor of
history, has been appointed to the International Space Hall of Fame Board of Directors. The International Space Hall of Fame was established in 1976 to recognize the imagination, efforts, and achievements of those who have endeavored to advance humankind's knowledge of the universe, and the ability to explore space.

In October, the late Gene Roddenberry (the creator of "Star Trek") will become the 166th inductee into the International Space Hall of Fame. Dr. Elder will begin his duties with the Board of Directors on Sept. 1, and will serve a 2-year term.

Student Employees

August 11, 2016

This is a reminder that work-study and student hire employees will need to receive a clearance from Human Resources before they begin working and before a SPAN or Special Pay Slip is submitted for them. This includes returning students that worked in your department in the spring.

If you have a student that has been working for you since July 1, 2016 and will continue to work in your department for the fall semester, there's no need to submit another SPAN.

Also, please remember that student employees are limited to working 20 hours per week during the semester.

Please contact Human Resources at 562.2115 if you have any questions.

Mediasite Desktop Recorder

August 11, 2016

If you are planning to use the Mediasite Desktop Recorder system to record videos in your office, ITS strongly recommends that you use the Logitech C920 webcam (available here<>) or the Microsoft LifeCam VX-5500 (available here<>) as your camera and microphone.

Using other cameras may lead to problems with your recordings. For more information on the Mediasite Desktop Recorder system, please contact the ITS Technical Trainer at extension 2678 or by emailing

Daniel Swinford
Technical Trainer, ITS

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