Tyleen Caffrey Tyleen Caffrey


Name:      Tyleen Caffrey, Instructor, Social Work Department

ENMU Role:  Faculty / Mentor

ENMU Email:    tyleen.caffrey@enmu.edu

Preferred method of contact:  Email

Office Phone:  575-562-2469

Office Location:    Lea Hall, Room 140

Home Town:    Kansas City, KS

  • Education:    Bachelor of Science Social Work from Pittsburg State University; Bachelor of Arts in Music from Pittsburg State University; Master's in Social Work, University of Southern Mississippi; Current Doctoral Student at Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, TX.
  • Additional Information:    Advisor to Student Association of Social Workers
  • One challenge I experienced in college:  I was a  first-generation college student without any family support. I worked my way through college on my own.
  • I am a Greyhound Connection Mentor because I had some important mentors in college. I hope I can pay it forward and be a mentor to someone else.


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