John Houser John Houser


Name:  John Houser , Assistant Vice President Marketing and Communications

ENMU Role:  Staff / Mentor

ENMU Email:

Preferred method of contact:  Email

Office Phone:  575-562-2123

Office Location:   Admin, Room 218

Home Town:  Cleveland, Ohio

  • Education:  Bachelor's of Science in Education, Emphasis in Sports Management, Minor in Marketing, Master's of Arts with Emphasis in Sports Management
  • Additional Information:  I oversee all marketing, advertising, and logo branding on campus. I work hand in hand with departments all over campus to promote ENMU. I also oversee the office of Communication Services which includes our Social Media, Media Relations, Graphic Design, MyENMU Portal, and Website. I also manage duplicating services.
  • One challenge I experienced in college was adjusting to life in college. I had a lot of different twists and turns my Freshman year, from making friends to changing majors several times, to experiencing being on my own for the first time.
  • I am a Greyhound Connection Mentor because I want to help students reach their goals of getting a degree from Eastern New Mexico University.  My wife holds two degrees from ENMU and we have seen the success she has had from obtaining these degrees and we want to encourage students to be successful.

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