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Our Mission:

To provide Mentor support to ENMU undergraduate students, so they may effectively manage  college life and attain academic achievement towards degree completion.

Greyhound Connection Greyhound Connection


Hello Greyhounds!

As you know, ENMU is experiencing many changes in procedures due to the COVID-19 virus.  Administration is puting into place every precaution to protect its students, staff, and faculty.


Please know that during this challenging time, there are campus mentors readily available to answer questions, provide information, and/or to just listen, if you need someone to talk to.


To contact a campus mentor, click on their email address located on their profile (see tabs at the top of this page).


We WILL get through this...together.  Stay healthy, Greyhounds!

Welcome Welcome


Welcome to


Greyhound Connection!


Here you will find Peer Mentors, Faculty and Staff Mentors who are available to support your college success at ENMU!


To see the mentor's profile and contact information, click on any of the tabs at the top of the page:

  • All Faculty Mentors

  • All Staff Mentors

  • All Peer Mentors


Once you have selected a mentor to contact, feel free to call or email them to ask questions about ENMU, request campus resources, or to schedule a time to meet with them personally. 


We're here to help!


Be sure you check-out our Events page! Don't miss out!


Note:  If an email link does not open a new email message, check that your electronic device has Outlook installed.  Or, you can right-click on the email address and copy/paste into a separate email message.

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If you have any questions, concerns, and/or comments regarding our mentoring services, please contact Greyhound Connection:

We also welcome any suggestions that could assist us in improving the mentor portal.

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