Dr. Marty Holin Dr. Marty Holin


Name:    Dr. Marty Holin, Assistant Professor

ENMU Role:  Faculty / Mentor

ENMU Email:   marty.holin@enmu.edu

Preferred method of contact:  Email

Office Phone:  575-562-2169

Office Location:   Education Building, Room 117A

Home Town:   San Antonio, TX (born in Portugal)

Other Languages:  Learning Spanish (speak it poorly)

  • Education:   PhD in Counseling Texas A&M - Corpus Christi; Master of Arts in Counseling St. Edward's in Austin; Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing Texas A&M - College Station
  • Research Interests - PTSD, Sports Counseling/Psychology, Mindfulness/Meditation, Existentialism
  • Additional Information:   At another university, I was a faculty mentor for first-generation students.
    • Although both my parents went to college, I associate with first-generation students having grown up in San Antonio with large Hispanic populations. The first-generation students actually asked me to be the faculty mentor and I proudly accepted.
    • I organize the annual suicide (charity) walk, which I'm proud of.  Last year, it snowed during the walk but we still walked.  I'm so proud of the participants who walked and students who volunteered to help.
  • One challenge I experienced in college:  I have ADHD with a twist of dyslexia (mostly with numbers), so it was difficult to finish exams on time, do math without losing my place and getting confused, or reading.
    • Also, I am a musician and I had trouble as a student because I was focused on trying to be a rock star instead of school.
  • I am a Greyhound Connection Mentor because I'm a graduate professor teaching graduate courses.  I miss working with undergraduates.


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