Barbara Senn Barbara Senn


Name:   Barbara Senn, Secretary, Department of Anthropology

ENMU Role:  Staff/ Mentor

ENMU Email:

Preferred method of contact:  Email

Office Phone:  575-562-2206

Office Location:    Art and Anthropology Building, Room 113

Home Town:   Wausau, Wisconsin (but I've lived in Portales for 33 years)

  • Education:   M.Ed. in Career and Technical Education; I enjoy helping people use Microsoft Office Software
  • Additional Information:  I work in the Anthropology Department and have connections to the Art Department.
    • Because I'm a part-time employee and not in my office all day, the best way to contact me is email.
    • I've also worked on the ENMU Student Research and Creativity Conference and the Jack Williamson Lectureship Committee. 
  • One challenge I experienced in college was figuring out where to go for help.  I missed out on opportunities because I was too shy to ask how to get the information or help I needed.
  • I am a Greyhound Connection Mentor because I love supporting students and answering their questions. 
    • My kids graduated from ENMU and I appreciated the people who helped guide and mentor them, so now I'm just paying it forward by helping other students.  
    • I'm happy to answer students' questions, direct them to available resources, support their efforts, or just listen to them talk.


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