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Dr. Richard Allington Dr. Richard Allington


Name:      Dr. Richard Allington, Assistant Professor of History

ENMU Role:  Faculty / Mentor

ENMU Email:  richard.allington@enmu.edu

Preferred method of contact:  Email

Office Phone:  575-562-2510

Office Location:    JWLA, Room 127V

Home Town:    London, United Kingdom

Cultural Background:  British

  • Education:    PhD, Saint Louis University 2018, Medieval History
    • My research interests focus on the Crusades and Medieval Liturgy
  • Additional Information:   History Guild
  • One challenge I experienced in college:   Self-belief.
    • I think in my first semester I did not believe I was good enough to succeed at the college level, and even (believed) that my classes were organized to make it as difficult as possible for me to be successful.
    • The generous mentoring of professors and fellow students helped me to perform to the best of my abilities and to enjoy my college classes.
  • I am a Greyhound Connection Mentor because I want to get to know the students at Eastern and I want to be there to help any student who would like to talk about any aspect of their college life or would simply like to have a conversation with a faculty member.


Ed Caffrey Ed Caffrey


Name:    Ed Caffrey, Instructor, Communication Department

ENMU Role:  Faculty / Mentor

ENMU Email:   edward.caffrey@enmu.edu

Preferred method of contact:  Email

Office Phone:  575-562-2841

Office Location:    Communication Building, Room 102

Home Town:    Pascagoula, Mississippi

Cultural Background:    Irish American

Other Languages:   German (Just a bit)

  • Education:   Currently studying for my PhD through Regent University in Virginia.; Master of Arts in Communication, Pittsburg State University; Bachelor of Science, University of Maryland
    • I also studied at Auburn University for the first half of my undergraduate degree.
    • Research Concentration - Military Impostors also known as Stolen Valor
  • Additional Information:   I served as a medic in the Air Force and retired as a Master Sergeant after 21 years of service.
    • I am also one of the faculty advisors for The Chase newspaper and Hound Bytes online magazine.
  • One challenge I experienced in college was learning to manage my own time.
    • I did well in high school, but my parents were always there to make sure I had all my homework done before I went out with my friends.
    • My second semester of my freshman year I went out with my friends too much and kept putting off assignments. My grades suffered.
    • Learning to manage my time well was more difficult than actually studying for tests sometimes.
  • I am a Greyhound Connection Mentor because I was lucky enough to have some GREAT mentors while I was a student. I'm just hoping I can pay it forward.


Tyleen Caffrey Tyleen Caffrey


Name:      Tyleen Caffrey, Instructor, Social Work Department

ENMU Role:  Faculty / Mentor

ENMU Email:    tyleen.caffrey@enmu.edu

Preferred method of contact:  Email

Office Phone:  575-562-2469

Office Location:    Lea Hall, Room 140

Home Town:    Kansas City, KS

  • Education:    Bachelor of Science Social Work from Pittsburg State University; Bachelor of Arts in Music from Pittsburg State University; Master's in Social Work, University of Southern Mississippi; Current Doctoral Student at Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, TX.
  • Additional Information:    Advisor to Student Association of Social Workers
  • One challenge I experienced in college:  I was a  first-generation college student without any family support. I worked my way through college on my own.
  • I am a Greyhound Connection Mentor because I had some important mentors in college. I hope I can pay it forward and be a mentor to someone else.


Dr. Ken Cradock Dr. Ken Cradock


Name:      Dr. Ken Cradock, Biology Department Chair

ENMU Role:  Faculty / Mentor

ENMU Email:   kenwyn.cradock@enmu.edu

Preferred method of contact:  Email

Office Phone:  575-562-2174

Office Location:    RSC, Room 310

Home Town:    Portales, NM

Cultural Background:  South African

  • Education:    I received my B.Sc. in Entomology and Plant Pathology, as well as my B.Sc. (Honors) and M.S. degrees in Plant Virology from The University of Natal in South Africa.
    • I then moved to the USA where I obtained my Ph.D. in Entomology from The Ohio State University.
    • My research interests are understanding the ecology of vector-borne diseases, forensic entomology, and general ecology.
  • Additional Information:   I am also the Director of the HSI STEM Grant at ENMU.
  • One challenge I experienced in college:   I succumbed to peer-pressure and did not seek tutoring for a key pre-requisite course.
    • This almost resulted in my failing that class and would have significantly affected my ability to remain at university.
    • I also wish I had taken more mathematics and statistics as an undergraduate
  • I am a Greyhound Connection Mentor because I enjoy helping students connect with their educational and career paths.


Scott Golem Scott Golem


Name:  Scott Golem, Assistant Professor, Graphic Design

ENMU Role:  Faculty / Mentor

ENMU Email:  scott.golem@enmu.edu

Preferred method of contact:  Email

Office Phone:  575-562-2162

Office Location:    Art and Anthropology Building, Room 108

Home Town:    Portales, NM

Cultural Background:  Born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, MI; Polish American

Other Languages:  A few words in Spanish

  • Education:   MFA in Graphic Design from the University of North Texas; BA in Graphic Design from Michigan State University; Associates Degree from Schoolcraft Community College
    • Research interests in: photography, printmaking, motion graphics, participating in faculty exchange programs.
  • Additional Information:    Co-Advisor for ACE&D (art, creativity, education and design); Student campus art group; Member of the ENMU FAC (fine arts committee); Advisor for the El Portal student poem and short story book; Graphic Design Program student Advisor
  • One challenge I experienced in college:    Managing my time. I was a full-time student and working part-time. While going to the community college, I worked at a newspaper for about 22 hours a week. It was about 5 miles away from the school and 15 miles away from my home. Part of my time was eaten up through travel. At home, I was able to study in a quiet room to avoid outside distractions.
  • I am a Greyhound Connection Mentor because  I want to use my own experiences in college to help new ENMU students be successful. I am a good listener and  like to solve problems.  In obtaining my university degrees, there have been obstacles along the way and I can share with you solutions that worked for me.

Dr. Marty Holin Dr. Marty Holin


Name:    Dr. Marty Holin, Assistant Professor

ENMU Role:  Faculty / Mentor

ENMU Email:   marty.holin@enmu.edu

Preferred method of contact:  Email

Office Phone:  575-562-2169

Office Location:   Education Building, Room 117A

Home Town:   San Antonio, TX (born in Portugal)

Other Languages:  Learning Spanish (speak it poorly)

  • Education:   PhD in Counseling Texas A&M - Corpus Christi; Master of Arts in Counseling St. Edward's in Austin; Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing Texas A&M - College Station
  • Research Interests - PTSD, Sports Counseling/Psychology, Mindfulness/Meditation, Existentialism
  • Additional Information:   At another university, I was a faculty mentor for first-generation students.
    • Although both my parents went to college, I associate with first-generation students having grown up in San Antonio with large Hispanic populations. The first-generation students actually asked me to be the faculty mentor and I proudly accepted.
    • I organize the annual suicide (charity) walk, which I'm proud of.  Last year, it snowed during the walk but we still walked.  I'm so proud of the participants who walked and students who volunteered to help.
  • One challenge I experienced in college:  I have ADHD with a twist of dyslexia (mostly with numbers), so it was difficult to finish exams on time, do math without losing my place and getting confused, or reading.
    • Also, I am a musician and I had trouble as a student because I was focused on trying to be a rock star instead of school.
  • I am a Greyhound Connection Mentor because I'm a graduate professor teaching graduate courses.  I miss working with undergraduates.


Dr. Kristin Kuhlmann Dr. Kristin Kuhlmann


Name:   Dr. Kristin Kuhlmann, Nursing Program Director

ENMU Role:  Faculty / Mentor

ENMU Email: kristin.kuhlmann@enmu.edu

Preferred method of contact:  Email

Office Phone:  575-562-2672

Office Location:    College of Business, Room 173

  • Education:   PhD in nursing, MS in nursing, family nurse practitioner track, BSN
    • Research interest- wellness  (wellness coach)
  • Additional Information:    I am taking courses in film-making and documentaries.  I taught freshman seminar and would love to do that again.  I love the classroom interaction.
  • One challenge I experienced in college:    I returned to school when I was in my late 20s and received my first degree at age 35.
  • I am a Greyhound Connection Mentor because  If someone is interested in wellness or nursing, or just needs another thoughtful opinion, I am here.

Patrick McCreary Patrick McCreary


Name:  Patrick McCreary, Assistant Professor of Theatre and Digital Filmmaking

ENMU Role:  Faculty / Mentor

ENMU Email:  patrick.mccreary@enmu.edu

Preferred method of contact:  Email

Office Phone:  575-562-2720

Office Location:   UTC, Room 111

Home Town:  Niagara Falls, NY; Atlanta, GA; Cincinnati, OH; Alton, IL; Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA; Washington, D.C.; Hutchinson, KS; Portales, NM.

  • Education:  B.A. Theatre; M.A. Theatre/ Design; M.F.A. Theatre
  • Additional Information:  Professional actor, singer, dancer, designer, producer, director, writer.  National/International award winning triathlete.  Sing and tour with ENMU Singers. Tour nationally with one-man shows on Lincoln, one which I wrote.  Developed and teach after school drama program for Portales Public Schools.
  • One challenge I experienced in college was Time management. You suddenly have so much freedom that you are easily distracted about still being responsible and organized. That can happen and you can still have fun!
  • I am a Greyhound Connection Mentor because I have pretty much done everything wrong at least once. What a wonderful opportunity to be available as a non-judgmental sounding board for questions or challenges that our students are confronting.


Alla Parsons Alla Parsons


Name:   Alla Parsons, Assistant Professor

ENMU Role:  Faculty / Mentor

ENMU Email:   alla.parsons@enmu.edu

Preferred method of contact:  Email

Office Phone:  575-562-2515

Office Location:   Art and Anthropology Building, Room 105

Home Town:  Portales, NM

Cultural Backgroun:  Born in Russia

Other Languages:  Russian, Spanish (poquito)

  • Education:  MFA - Master of Fine Art in 2D Studio Art;
  • Research Interests: Figurative Painting and Drawing, Portrait, Landscape. Art History - Surrealism, Magic Realism, History of Women Artists
  • Additional Information:   I teach Drawing I and II, Figure Drawing I and II, Drawing Projects and various levels of Painting.
    • My primary medium is Oil Painting, but I can do Watercolors and Acrylics.
    • I am a faculty adviser for the Figure Drawing Night (student group).
    • Back in time, in Russia, I taught World History at a University, but after I moved to USA I only was interested in teaching Art and Art History.
  • One challenge I experienced in college was Time management, studying for exams - these were my main challenges during my first year.
  • I am a Greyhound Connection Mentor because I want to share my own experiences and help freshmen, specially those who are artists like me. Do not think that by "artists" I mean only art majors. You might be an Artist at heart, but study Biology, for example. I want to talk to you and help you in any way I can.


Dr. Darrell Roe Dr. Darrell Roe


Name:  Dr. Darrell Roe, Assistant Professor of Communication

ENMU Role:  Faculty / Mentor

ENMU Email:  darrell.roe@enmu.edu

Preferred method of contact:  Email

Office Phone:  575-562-4726

Office Location:   COM, Room 103

Home Town:  McGregor, Texas

Cultural Background:  From Texas, but have lived in OK, GA, NY, and now NM. I love being around a variety of cultures in every aspect of life!

Other Languages:   German (Intermediate)

  • Education:  Ph.D. in Mass Communication (1998) from University of Georgia.  Research Interests: Political Communication, particularly, the Twitter communication of President Trump; also, the effects of mass communication, especially TV and film.
  • Additional Information:  Serving on several committees.
  • One challenge I experienced in college was I had to figure out the college experience by myself, first by living on campus one semester, then commuting from home (20 miles). Both as an undergrad and as a grad student, I had to figure out what it meant to be a full-time college student and how to manage my time--which I didn't do very well until I was probably a senior or later!  I'm not technically a first-generation student, as my parents had some college, but I didn't realize the importance of socializing and being involved in extra-curricular activities and organizations. If I had to do it all again, I would really do this!
    • Also, I tended to see professors as obstacles to my learning, rather than as facilitators, and some of them really were! But I could have made much stronger and more fulfilling connections with them, also, if I had been more open to that.
  • I am a Greyhound Connection Mentor because I would like to be a resource for anyone who may need a listening-ear or help studying or preparing, including writing papers or doing research. But also, I would like to go to university or community events with people, such as athletics, theater, music, and socials, to help folks see how beneficial and fun these can be!

Dr. Richard Schwartz Dr. Richard Schwartz


Name:  Dr. Richard Schwartz, Associate Professor of Music (Saxaphone and Jazz)

ENMU Role:  Faculty / Mentor

ENMU Email:  richard.schwartz@enmu.edu

Preferred method of contact:  Email

Office Phone:  575-562-2471

Office Location:  MB, Room 203

Home Town:  Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Cultural Background:   Jewish

  • Education:  Degrees from Temple University in Music Education, The University of Michigan in Woodwind Performance (Saxophone),  and Boston University in Woodwind Performance (Saxophone).  Research Interests:  Musical Composition, Saxophone Pedagogy, Classical and Jazz Performance, Musical Intonation, extended woodwind techniques and jazz improvisation.
  • Additional Information:  I have performed with a variety of well-known musical artists including Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Johnny Mathis, Linda Ronstadt and more.  I served as president of organizations including the New Mexico Jazz Educators and the Southeastern Louisiana University Faculty Senate.  I currently serve as the faculty representative of ENMU's Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (Theta Phi) chapter.
  • One challenge I experienced in college was while an undergraduate at Temple University in Philadelphia, my father passed.  I found that after my father passed I took my studies much more seriously by taking on the philosophy that life can be short.  We need to make the most of it.  Also, while at Boston University,  I encountered several challenges with professors.  It took quite some time and effort, but I pushed through and graduated despite these teachers' lack of effort.
  • I am a Greyhound Connection Mentor because I want to help and support students who may feel a bit overwhelmed, or those that need help with challenges.  Many of our faculty have experienced challenges and are wonderful resources.  Personally, I simply would like to help in any way I can.


Greg Senn Greg Senn


Name:   Greg Senn, Educator

ENMU Role:  Faculty / Mentor

ENMU Email: greg.senn@enmu.edu

Preferred method of contact:  Email

Office Phone:  575-562-2687

Office Location:   AA, Room 103

Home Town:  Wisconsin Boy

Other Languages:  Students have told me that I am fluent in sarcasim.

  • Additional Information:    I am an art person - 3D - welding, woodworking, metal smithing, and the like. 
    • I am a maker of things both fanciful and functional. I canoe and fish when I can, and make baits when I can't. :D
    • (I "teach" Art in the Art department here...)
    • I sponsor a scuba class every semester, and often do informal "discover scuba" sessions for interested people - as well as doing scuba refreshers for certified divers.
  • One (ONLY ONE???) challenge I experienced in college was time management (also, some instructors, dating issues, money issues and finding time to sleep? Hm... I guess one more challenge was being an RA for two years - I was a glutton for punishment. :D
  • I am a Greyhound Connection Mentor because I need stuff on my resume.  Oh wait a sec - no I don't.  I need stuff for my annual performance review! Oh wait a sec, no I don't. Hm... 
    • I would say that I volunteered to do this because I care about students and like seeing them succeed.  :D


Dr. Chelsea Starr Dr. Chelsea Starr


Name:  Dr. Chelsea Starr, Assistant Professor of Sociology/Department Chair

ENMU Role:  Faculty / Mentor

ENMU Email:  chelsea.starr@enmu.edu

Preferred method of contact:  Email

Office Phone:  575-562-2301

Office Location:   JWLA, Room 127-F

Home Town:   I grew up near Los Angeles, CA and currently live in Portales. 

Other Languages:   Some Spanish

  • Recent Education:  Degrees: UCLA (Anthropology, BA); University of California at Irvine ( MA Comparative Culture and PhD Social Relations).  Research Interests: Sociology of Religion and Non-Religion; Political Sociology; Social Research Methods
  • Additional Information:  I am the Chair of the Department of History, Social Science, and Religion. I teach in the Sociology program.
  • One challenge I experienced in college was knowing how to navigate the university bureaucracy; who to call, what forms to fill out, and when.
  • I am a Greyhound Connection Mentor because I am a first-generation college graduate and I would like to help students succeed in college.


Dr. Herb Synder Dr. Herb Synder


Name: Dr. Herb Snyder, Dean of the College of Business

ENMU Role:  Faculty / Mentor

ENMU Email:  herbert.snyder@enmu.edu

Preferred method of contact:  Email

Office Phone:  575-562-2039

Office Location:   COB, Room 207

Home Town:  Syracuse, NY

Cultural Background:  New England family. Lived many places while in the U.S, Army, and as a professor.

Other Languages:  Extremely rudimentary French. Still taking classes. Feel free to embarass me by speaking French.

  • Education:  Ph.D. Syracuse University; BA Babson College.  Major research interests: Fraud Investigation and Forensic Accounting.
  • Additional Information:  Worked in intelligence in the U.S. Army and as a Fraud i\Investigator for New York State.  I have been on the board of directors for many non-profits and professional organizations. I also used to be an EMT, and among adventures, delivered a baby.
  • One challenge I experienced in college was developing better study habits. High school was too easy for me, and I never needed to develop strong study habits. College required much more work, and much better discipline. Eventually, I learned that if I went to all my classes and did all the homework, and earned all the participation points, I made the Dean's List consistently.  I had exactly as much time to relax and be with friends as I had before. This time with better grades and no stress.
  • I am a Greyhound Connection Mentor because I succeeded in college, and later in life, partly because other people helped me to succeed. As a new Dean, I still benefit from having mentors at ENMU.  I would like to pass along the help I had, and I am committed to helping every student at ENMU be the best versions of themselves that they can be.


Dr. Kathleen Wagner Dr. Kathleen Wagner


Name: Dr. Kathleen Wagner, Assistant Dean

ENMU Role:  Faculty / Mentor

ENMU Email:  kathleen.wagner@enmu.edu

Preferred method of contact:  Email

Office Phone:  575-562-2784

Office Location:   ED, Room 113

Home Town:  Portales, NM

  • Education:  Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education: ENMU 1986; Masters degree in Education: ENMU 1992; Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction: Texas Tech University 2013
  • Additional Information:  Advisor, Educators Rising ENMU; Advisor, Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education
  • One challenge I experienced in college was making connections with other teacher candidates.
  • I am a Greyhound Connection Mentor because "Been there; done that!"  I have lived in Portales since I was nine years old and know the beauty and richness of our community. Not only did I graduate from ENMU, but I also worked in the local school districts, where many of our teacher candidates are placed for their field experience. My ultimate goal, as a mentor, is to support and inspire teacher candidates to fulfill their dream in becoming a classroom teacher.

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