Human Subject Protection Committee Human Subject Protection Committee


Human Subjects Protection Committee


Reports to:    Vice President Academic Affairs (VPAA)

Responsibilities:    To review applications for activities/investigations involving human subjects. Review all ongoing projects at timely intervals, to provide advice and counseling to research groups, departments, and investigators.

Chair:   Appointed by Vice President Academic Affairs (may be reappointed)

Membership: Appointments are three (3) year term with a two (2) consecutive term limit. 

 1 Community Member

 Appointed by VPAA

 1 Faculty (1 from each Behavioral, Natural and Social Science)

 Appointed by VPAA

 1 Faculty At-Large non-scientist

 Appointed by VPAA


Committee Members 2022-2023





 Shareen King


 Community Member


 Leslie Gill


 Behavioral Sciences


 Matthew Barlow


 Natural Sciences


 Gary Bond


 Social Sciences


 Kayhan Koleyni


 Faculty At-Large


*member not yet elected/appointed.


Staging Enabled