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To search for journal articles only, in a database specifically designed for your subject matter, go to the library home page, click the Databases icon, and select one of the databases listed below at the Databases by Name alphabetical list in the upper right. Click the letter that begins the database name and then the database name link; from off campus, enter your portal username and password at the remote authentication screen.

Databases for Biology and Biomedical Research

  • Science Direct--scholarly, full text is indicated by PDF links
  • Academic Search Complete--scholarly, full text
  • AGRICOLA--bio-agriculture; scholarly, full text
  • Annual Review of Genetics
  • Annual Review of Microbiology
  • Annual Review of Plant Biology
  • Environment Complete--scholarly, full text
  • JSTOR--scholarly, full text
  • Biological Abstracts Online--scholarly, very limited full text
  • ASM Journals--limited full text
  • PLOS Biology--full text, open access
  • PubMed
  • SciVerse
  • BioMed Central
  • Scopus--abstracts and citations
  • mBio--full text, open access
  • mSphere--full text, open access
  • mSystems--full text, open access
  • Google Scholar

APA Style and Formatting Guide
What is a peer-reviewed journal?

The library's all-in-one Catalog enables you to search everything in the library at one time, including books, music, films, journal articles, eBooks, etc. If you are searching only for journal articles, using individual, subject-specific databases is highly recommended.

  • To search everything at once, enter your search term in the box
  • At the left-hand sidebar, limit your search by format
    • For eBooks, click eBook box in the left-hand sidebar, then the title link and the "View eBook" link
    • For print books, films, music, etc., click the appropriate box(es) in the left-hand sidebar, then the title link and look for location code, call number and availability.

Reference Assistance

Ask for help if you have any questions! Contact the Reference Desk or by phone at 575.562.2638.


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