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Theories and Models.

Kreitzer, M.J. (2015). Integrative nursing: Application of principles across clinical settingsRambam Maimonides Medical Journal. 6 (2), 1-8. Doi:10.5041/RMMJ.10200.

James, K. M. (2010). Incorporating Complexity Science Theory into nursing curriculaCreative Nursing. 16 (3), 137-142. Doi:10.1891/1078-4535.16.3.137 [enter password provided by your instructor].

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Elements of Spirituality

Veloza-Gomez M., Munoz de Rodriguez, L., Guevara-Armenta, C., & Mesa-Rodriguez, S. (2017). The importance of spiritual care in nursing practiceJournal of Holistic Nursing. 35 (2), 118-131. [enter password provided by your instructor].

Giske, T. & Cone, P.H. (2015). Discerning the healing path – how nurses assist patient spirituality in diverse health care settingsJournal of Clinical Nursing. 24, 2926-2935. [enter password provided by your instructor].

Energy Healing

Jamison, T. & Grohman, E. (2015). Energy medicine: A complimentary modality in nursingQuality in Primary Care. 23 (4), 189-191.

Touch and Hand-Mediated Therapies

Anderson J. G., Friesen, M., Fabian, J., Swengros, D., Herbst, A., Mangione, L., (2016). Examination of the perceptions of Registered Nurses regarding the use of Healing Touch in the acute care settingJournal of Holistic Nursing. 34 (2), 167-176. [enter pasword provided by your instructor].

Haesler, E. (2016). Evidence summary: Managing lymphedema: Complex lymphedema therapyWound Practice & Research: Journal of the Australian Wound Management Association. 24 (2), 121-124.

Aromatherapy, Herbs and Dietary Considerations

Tavakoli, J.,  Miar, S., Zadehzare, M.M., Akbari, H. (2012).   Evaluation of effectiveness of  herbal medication in cancer care: A review studyIranian Journal of Cancer Prevention. 5 (3), 144-156

Impact of Environmental Toxins

Anaker, A. & Elf, M. (2014). Sustainability in nursing: A concept analysisScandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences. 28, 381-389. Doi: 10.1111/scs.12121

Review of Evidence-based Practices Related to Alternative Therapies

Varker, K. A., Ansel,  A., Aukerman, G.  & Carson, W. W. (2012). Review pilot study on nutrigenomic intervention in patients with advanced cancer. Alternative therapies. 18 (2), 26-34.

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