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ENMU Foundation Board Officers ENMU Foundation Board Officers


Foundation Board President

Stephen Doerr

Foundation Board President Stephen Doerr

Executive Director

Noelle Bartl

Foundation Executive Director Noelle Bartl

About the ENMU Foundation About the ENMU Foundation


The ENMU Foundation oversees all fundraising initiatives and activities while also serving as the clearinghouse for scholarships that have assisted former students, assist current students and will assist future students with completing their college educations.

History, Mission and Vision History, Mission and Vision


The ENMU Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization associated with Eastern New Mexico University.

Our Mission

To provide private funding for those programs and scholarships which are not covered by state appropriations, and to build acceptance of and support for the University.

Our History

The Office of Development was established in July 1978 by ENMU President Warren Armstrong. Armstrong charged the director with the "responsibility of building acceptance of the University among various publics we serve and promoting loyalty to, interest in and support for the institution."

At the same time that President Armstrong established the Office of Development, plans were being made to create a private, nonprofit, charitable foundation to provide support for Eastern New Mexico University. Armstrong established the Friends of Eastern Committee and organized it with a board of directors in fall 1976. The committee coordinated fundraising efforts with the Portales Foundation that had been in existence for eight years.

The Portales Foundation was incorporated on Jan. 7, 1970. As early as Feb. 1978, discussions began regarding the merger of the Friends of Eastern Committee and the Portales Foundation into one corporation to provide private support for the University. At a meeting on Aug. 2, 1978, the Friends of Eastern Committee and the Portales Foundation officially merged to form the Friends of Eastern Foundation. The Article of Incorporation and Bylaws were approved as amended on that date. The executive director of the foundation is traditionally the same person as the director of development. In February 2005, the board of directors voted and approved changing the name of the organization to the Eastern New Mexico University Foundation (a.k.a. the ENMU Foundation).

ENMU Foundation Board ENMU Foundation Board


Board Members

Dr. Patrice Caldwell
Julie Canon
Larry Combs
Victor Delgado
Dora Dominguez
ENMU President Dr. Jeff Elwell
Joseph Gergel
Ray Hammond
Ron Holcomb
Kyle Lee
Leo Lovett
Jim Lucero
James Matteucci
Dr. Renee Neely
Wayne Propst
Duane Ryan
Scott Smart
Peter Serena
Brian Stein
Melveta Walker
Dr. Buck Wilson


Bylaws and Policies Bylaws and Policies


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ENMU Foundation

Station 8
1500 S Ave K
Portales, NM 88130


ENMU Foundation Staff

Noelle Bartl
Executive Director

Stephen Doerr
Foundation Board President

Kourtney Paiz
Director of Annual Giving

Brenda Wiggins-Gonzales
Foundation Services Coordinator

Lisa Obenhaus
Scholarship and Stewardship Coordinator

Todd Fuqua
Public Relations & Design Associate

Staging Enabled